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  • help my sweet sixteen needs to be on this show !!1

    names dejia and im having a super cheertacular sweet sixteen on October 25 of this year my party is super worthy of this show how do i get on email me please this would be the best day of my life
  • what the hell?!

    i can't wacth the opening trailer of the show, let alone the show itself! don't they have anything useful to do with thier money apart from blow it on a party?! if i had money like that, i would put it towards something more useful , like university tuition fees, because at the end of the day a decent education is much more important than a massive party , because employers are looking for people who are famous for being famous, they want someone who is educated!

    end of rant.
  • Hello

    Love it Jamaica How do I get my little cuz sweet 16 on MTV we live in Atlanta,GA n I would love to do that for u surprise her n my family if we can u can email me
  • i would love to be on my super sweet 16 teen

    please i would love to do this please mommy isn't working but i belive in this please my email is please
  • Not only do these teens don't deserve to get everything they want to, get more attention, and should be sent to military school, but the parents need to be sent to a rehab clinic to properly discipline these spoiled brats

    If there was an award for biggest waste of time, it would probably go to My Super Sweet 16. The show is about filming mostly girls, and some guys, who are going to be 16 and the parents plan it out for them. Sound stupid? Well it only gets worse. All the teen on this show are spoiled and rotten brats that tell their parents that they want this or that and they all go nuts when things don't go there way. They usually throw temper tantrums, have breakdowns or just whine and complain more. Who would find this appealing at all? Why do we need to see spoiled kids who clearly don't deserve what they want get everything anyway? If anything, the show should be about families who are poor and want to give their child a good sweet 16, not these rich jerks. Even when the teens get everything, they still demand more stuff. Why? They got everything. To make matters worse, the parents do not discipline their child at all for misbehaving and it's so appalling to see how these parents raised their children. It is quite amusing though to see the kids not get everything and have a meltdown. It's so fun to see those rotten brats be shown they can't have everything. This show is just a complete waste of time and has no value at all. Here's a good idea though if you do have a birthday coming up. Wish for one of the following 4 things.

    1. The show be canceled and the producers be fired.

    2. The spoiled brats be sent to military school or arrested.

    3. The parents be sent to rehab to learn how to discipline their child.

    4. The parents and teen go broke and loose everything.

    Maybe if we are lucky, one of those wishes will come true and there will be less scum on the Earth.
  • OMG these r some spolied little bratz

    ok wow wow wow yes thsese girls are 16 but they are horable.they are rich snobby girls that r going to have to face reality when they get older they are getting all of there money from there parents untill they leave them and they are going to be on there and have to face the world on there own thinking that all and everything is going to handed to them on a golden plater. and why in the world will the parents give them expensive cars? they are probley going to wreck and there gose all of that money down the drain well idc becasue its not my life and not my money peace:)
  • spoiled brats

    this show is a bunch of spoiled brats.

    has there ever been a show featured with a teen who was grateful and not rude and spoiled.

  • Two words: temper. Tantrum. The Queen of Hearts threw crazier tantrums.

    Holy--holy--holy...oh, I can't say it. These girls must have taken lessons from the Queen of Hearts, because her tantrums sucked. These spoilt idiots should be grateful they aren't dead--or in Rangoon, Burma, or Pakistan...they have nothing, and they hate women too. God knows what they do to SPOILT women. Oh, how much I hate this show...they made a horror film out of it, sure, but it doesn't quell the hatred I have for it. There's no reason why I should review this leaves me speechless. Absolutely speechless...I can't's too terrible--

    ...the horror of this freaking abomination of a show.
  • My Super Sour 16.

    My 87th review after another bratty show: "Codename KND"

    What kind of *beep* is this? It's about a series of 15 year old spoiled gals that try to get a Perfect Sweet 16 Birthday Party. Will be a Success? Or a Stinker? Well.... NEITHER!! This show sucks and no wonder why this show is going to get Bad Ratings! it SUCKS! Everyone Hates it! Some people Barely like it such as my Nosy Twin Sister. This show sucks Rhino Butt full of Spoiled Dirheea Stains in it! I rather get ran over by a Nissian Truck 10 times!!!! MTV Productions must have been stoned to allow this kind of Spoiled Teen Stuff on their channel. Even Spongebob did a Terrible Rip-off of this show the Epiosde is called: "Whale of the Birthday" Which is VERY silumar to this Stupid Show! This show gets an F-! Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: E+ 3.0/10.0 Spoiled and Babish Voice acting.

    Graphics: D- 4.5/10.0 It sucks.

    Sound: D 4.8/10.0 *singing* #My super sweet 16!# One of the worst intro theme songs ever.

    Dialouge: F-- 1.5/10.0 They keep Cursing!!

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.0/10.0 Totally None. This show sucks.

    Overall: F- 1.9/10.0 MTV Productions shall get sued for allowing this spoiled Crock on their channel. The Girls must have been wasting their Parents money for Music, Clothes and Shiny Things! This show has to cancelled Shortly.
  • Oh, I know. I watched it because I didn't have the remote!

    Even as a teenager, I can't stand watching these brats. All these suburb bratty preps with rich parents who cater to their every wish like they're butlers! Remember that girl who got the car and whined? I'd just like to say to her parents, you can send it to me and I'll be thankful! My first car will probably be used, and you don't hear me complaining! Well I guess lower middle class kids have more apprecation for what they get in life. You know what I'm gonna do to celebrate my turning 16? Take a drive into a big city with a carload of my best friends and find fun. These kids get treated like princes and princesses. I betcha some of the kids there hate the birthday girl (sometimes they even have boys on there)! Obviously these brats should've been spanked when they were younger.
  • This show will have you laughing your head off.

    It's soo funny, and i don't know if its supposed to be that way :0. But i love to watch the teens complain about getting the most valuable thing, and they still don't appreciate it. And their all so evil, lol. But i mostly feel bad for the parents for letting them get this way and then as soon as teenhood starts, they unleash a monster, haha. Yeah, its that bad. I love it when they decide to dance on stage at their party, and like no one ever likes it. Ohh, and the singers/bands they get (or should i say their parents get), like the no body singer this father had perform, and no body liked him at all. haha. Very funny show.

    Isn't MTV music televison and not reality. How can anybody watch this? Why is this on? Nobody wants to watch a bunch of bratty, spolied teenagers get whatever they want on their sixteenth b-day party, unless they were just like them. This show explains everything wrong with society today. I wish MTV would go back to playing music videos. Doesn't anybody even remember the Video Killed The Radio Star started this all? It's hilarious how true that song came to be. But really, how come this is happening to a classic channel from the 80's. Hard to believe what I see when I turn on MTV and see something like this on and know that this is a music video channel.

  • there is no point of this show! its about spoiled, whiney, snobby, stuck up, conceited, little brats, who have to have their sweet sixteen perfect, or they will throw tantrums!

    this show is pointless, but I watch it (sometimes), I mean c'mon everyone enjoys seeing little brats once in while have a tantrum because that PERFECT CAR isn't theirs! I mean, me and my friends would watch this and be hysterical! this is sooo pathetic, that its funny. IT is a good show, if you want to laugh every once in a while. I love it really, when they whine and go "DADDY.. but I WANT THIS ONE!" and they get whatever they want. ITs sad, but very very entertaining. This show may be pointless, but sometimes you've gotta watch it! (I still hate this show on sooo many levels!)
  • Stupid spoiled little brats.

    This show is about 16 year olds that want to have anything they want for there 16th birthday. This show is a waste because those spoiled brats complain when there parents try to at least prepare him or her a party but then the spoiled brat sometimes end up saying that they want more stuff. Another reason why this show is a waste of time is that the parents don't really get angry or give their son or daughter discipline. If you haven't seen this show don't watch it you won't find it interesting instead go watch Exiled if you hate this show because that show is about those brats suffering.
  • This show is Hilarious.

    Some of these kids on the show are so spoiled, bratty, and sassy, that it makes me crack up laughing. It's unbelieveable.

    The money needed for the parties is so Huge. It can reach up to literly $500,000 dollars, and some of the kids don't even thank their parents for it. Not only that, but some treat their party guests like a door mat.

    I just find it so funny how some of the kids are on the show. That's the only reason I watch this. Thanks for reading my review. - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7
  • its ok

    ok well its ok. This could easily be changed into something more interesting. But who knows this is the one show that has alot in it. SHows how spoild bratz can be at there worst! But i must say that i love watching them go to the extreams that they do and it is also funny watching as though they think they can get whatever they want. Its just makes me laugh to think that thye think they will get anywear in life!

    So this series could be changed into something much better than what it is, but if you think that its the bomb, then i must say i'm not watching it if it stays the same!
  • Well the bratty girls piss me off!!! But I think its funny how the girls wine to get what they want lol.

    This show mainly focuses on rich, bratty girls who are who are about to get a sweet sixteen. This girls are spoiled little brats!!! They really make me mad on how they wine to get what they want. Lets say about, 95 percent of these girls that have been on this show were bratty and disrespected there parents. There has been guys on the show who had sweet sixteens too. Such as Chris Brown, who had a super sweet 18. There is always at least a little bit of drama in these episodes. Such as not liking there dresses, or there stylist not showing up, I wonder why. They really make me mad, but its fun to see them wine and curse, its really funny.
  • A documentary style show following the preparation and tantrums of planning a Sweet Sixteen Party.The viewers get to watch as the young teens decide on their party,venue etc and prepare for the important day and finally see the finished result.

    This material and superficial show is simply a waste of time.At first it seemed interesting and was slightly entertaining but as time went on watching spoiled sixteen year olds whine and moan over their parties not being the way they wanted them gets extremely tiring and very boring.I think it's just a way of getting attention for being overly rich and spoiled.I don't think these teenagers deserve a party as extravagent as they demand.Their tanrtums are completely over the top and unneccessary.
    Another thing I've noticed about this programme is they are all basically the same,some ditzy,spoiled and rich teenager demands an extravagent party,invites all the cool people in the school,throws a tantrum,finally gets his/her dream party and an expensive present.There is never any variety in the episodes and it's something I always turn off in favour of something slightly more interesting.
  • Those stupid brats!

    I really gave this show a chance because I wanted to see how extravagant sweet 16 parties can be. Well, that was a stupid mistake. These teens are ridiculously spoiled and childish, throwing tantrums because the car wasn't presented on the day of the party. Boo hoo, they must have it really hard(sarcasm). I want to smack them across the face, break their arms, and yell at how most people I know don't even get cars at 16, and if they do, they're used. These people need to get a clue because throwing a "perfect" sweet 16 isn't the most important thing, and that they should be grateful because I have friends in other countries who are at that age and they don't even get one decent gift, while they have over extravagant parties and cars. This show, like others on MTV, needs to die.
  • It's funny to watch them make idiots of themselves. No girl should act like this!

    I like to watch My Super Sweet 16. Not because I really love the show. More because it's entertaining to watch these girls. How they act is so horrible! And when they get upset it really makes me laugh at how spoiled and fake they are. No girl should act this way at all. And their parents are partially to blame. They spoil them and give them anything they want. It's supposedly reality tv, but I don't know anyone in real life that acts like this, and has everything they want handed to them on a silver platter. Like the header says, it's unintentionally funny to see how stupid these girls make themselves look on television.
  • Pretty Cool.

    I know the girls are way to over the top with thier parties and pretty stuck up but this show is still pretty entertaining to me. It can be funny watching how pathetic these girls can be just to get their way like when this one girl flew to Europe just to find a dress for her that's just sad. The parents are crazy for letting thier kids push them to do these crazy 16th birthdays. The craziest episode I have seen is about a girl named Ava who like I said before had her dad fly her to Europe to buy a dress and she ended up not even getting one, talk about Daddy's little girl!! Overall this show is entertaining and fun to watch when your bored.
  • I dont know about you, but watching 15 year old girls getting spoiled by their parents is an incredible waste of time, but mildly entertaining to watch things go wrong, especially when the girls have giant emotional breakdowns.

    If you ask me, some of these episodes are a little too far from reality, like the girl with the $150,000 dollars worth of diamonds. Really, I'm amazed that there are enough kids like that for this show to have more that 50 episodes, but the world grows bigger every day. If they actually put normal people who had small budgets but managed to actually have a party that people liked and got a nice, not too expensive car for their birthday then the show might actually be worth the 30 minutes, or the 5 hours they seem to have it running so often on MTV. They run the same episodes too often. I've seen this show over 20 times, but only have seen 5 different episodes. MTV should either run the show less often, or make some more decent episodes.
  • Girls out there should not follow these girls example. They are stuck up and snobby, mostly.

    I am addicted to this show even though I told myself I wouldn`t watch a couple of brats take advantage or their parents, friends and family. These girls/guys need to be disciplined, obviously they don`t realize they aren`t the sun! There`s this one girl in particular, (Audrey) if I EVER met her, I would like to slap her across the face and send her to the hospital! She told her friend to lose weight. Hon, not everyone is our size 0 or 1. Some people actually have meat on their bones and she made her friend cry, and she didn`t even apologize! Another thing, is she cussed her mom out for not giving her her car on the day of her party!?!?! Girl, get a grip! I seriously thought this show had a script because I know I would be GUFN (Grounded until further notice) if I ever treated anyone that way! Especially my parents! I would DEF. like to see these girls and guys 10 years from now, seeing where they are and how they made it. These are the type of people that can`t support themselves and live with their parents until they die or are homeless!
  • Good show!

    I enjoy this show and watching these girls and boys plan their sweet sixteens. I find the things they must go through to make their parties "perfect" to be amusing. I also enjoyed the Super Sweet Sixteen movie. I think my favorite part of the movie was when the band Hellogoodbye performed. They are one of my favorite bands and it was absolutely amazing to see them make an appearance in the My Super Sweet Sixteen movie. I think that anyone who would find spoiled kids throwing fits and tantrums over their sweet sixteen parties to be humorous should definitely check out the show and movie!
  • Classic! Yeah, classically bad!

    Have you ever been driving down the highway, and have to slow down to take a really long look at a really terrible accident. That's this Show!! Some of The Worst, most loathsome parents ever can be found on this show. I won't even comment on the girls, and occaisonal gay guy (yeah right you're straight, wink!!!) that are featured. The parents must either be so self-involved they have no clue, and just throw money at the problem (the kid, not the party) or they honestly equate love with money, which is very sad. When the kids who gave this show good ratings get to be about 20something, they'll realize how putried it is.
  • this show is decent.

    well it's an okay show. Definitely not the best. I don't get it, mtv makes all of these tv shows about like dating and parties and stuff, but it's Music Television. I don't really like the girls on it because they are so spoiled and they just scream at everyone. and I absolutely hate it when it's a sweet 15. it's called sweet 16, they don't need to have a huge 15th. I think it's pretty cool to see how the party turned out, and what everything looked like, but I don't think that the girls should be so bratty about everything.
  • Spoiled kids have their 'perfect' birthday parties.

    I hate the idea of this show, as well as the show in general. No, not because I never got to have these parties and I am jealous, but because these kids have no concept of hard work or the blue collar environment this country is mostly based on. All these kids need to be slapped, as this show is an insult to anyone who's had to work for what they have.
  • I hope young girls aren't emulating these drama queens!

    MTV has really turned out some awful shows in recent years but this really takes the cake! Why would MTV give these spoiled brats their own show?!? My hope is that young girls aren't watching this crap and thinking that this is how you are supposed to act. Obviously this show has no redeeming qualities but the most entertaining part of the show would have to be when things don't go the little brats' way. The funniest one was when the mom bought her daughter a lexus but it wasn't the right color!!! So the daughter had a complete mental breakdown and started crying hysterically. The daughter started shouting, "I hate you mom, you ruin everything!" After seeing this I fell off the couch from laughing so hard!
  • There's just something amusing about watching a bunch of rich spoiled teenagers plan blowout parties...

    I could describe this show just by saying the word "addictive". It's hard to explain what makes it good. I guess I just like to sit at home and think to myself "I wish I could spend thousands of dollars on my sweet sixteen", or "I wish my parents got me everything I wanted". I guess the entertaining part about it is watching these teenagers scream,complain, and pout until their parents cave because they think that if they don't the kids will have "unhappy" teenager years. Who knew there could be so much drama wrapped into planning a party ?!
  • terrible show.

    i hate this show it is so stupid. why would any one watch spoiled brats swear at their parents and get fussy because they thought some one looked better than them at their party! And on top of all that madness, if they get a car they would say but i wanted a pink car! then start crying. it is just a waste of time. i mean, are you serious? why do they put this on air. just NO i refuse to watch it any longer than a minute in a half. Maybe. Probably. Most definetly! Okay bye bye now!
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