My Super Sweet 16 - Season 6

MTV - Music Television (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • 1/22/08
    Tinaya is about to get her dream Super Steppin' 17 party, courtesy of the cast of "How She Move."
  • Yashika is a beautiful, loud and confident Jersey girl with quite a bit of attitude. She lives the good life and always has the best parties, so for her sweet 16 she's throwing the blingest birthday bash ever with her "Diamonds Are Forever" theme. This party has to be perfect and she's going all out to make sure it is - Yashika has her VIP girls try on their party dresses to make sure that no one looks hotter than her, demands nothing less than a $100,000 Mercedes for her birthday gift and at her party she plans to rock the mic and show her friends what a great singer she is. But when she freezes on stage during her performance her bash comes to a screeching halt. Will Yashika be able to pull off her big moment and get her party back on track or will stage fright take over and shatter her dreams of having the best Sweet 16 ever?moreless
  • Etienne is the son of famous actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, and now that he's a young man, he finally wants to steal the Hollywood spotlight for his big Sweet 16 bash. The charming California native dreams of being an actor just like his mom, and decides what better way to celebrate his birthday than by throwing a Spy themed bash. And no spy party is complete without tuxedos and girls, of course! He even plans to pimp out his mom's old 64 mustang into a classic player's car especially for the big bash and shoots a movie trailer as his invitations. But when Etienne's mom wants to control all his plans and critique the way he's playing the secret spy, tempers start to fly! Will Etienne's transformation into the international man of mystery go exactly like he hopes or will his more experienced mom become his arch nemesis and foil his plans?!moreless
  • Lacey
    Episode 7
    Lacey throws an ego-centric party that's all about her.
  • Shanell wants to be a Hollywood superstar so what better theme for her Sweet 16 than an Awards After Party? She wants to show her friends she can throw a party worthy of a celebrity so she's going all out. Her birthday bash is being held on the Tempress Yacht which will sail around New York City for the night, she's buying the most original and over-the-top dresses she can find and to top it off, she's flying to Florence, Italy to have a designer custom make shoes just for her party! There’s no doubt that Shanell is focused on making sure hers is the best, most unique party New York has ever seen but will this teen be able to deliver an award-worthy bash?moreless
  • Chanae
    Episode 6
    Chanae throws a rock-star inspired party.
  • Alicia
    Episode 5
    Alicia throws a Moulin-Rouge style party.
  • Geri
    Episode 4
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show serves as the inspiration for Geri's party.
  • Alex
    Episode 3
    The theme of Alex's sweet sixteen is the seven deadly sins.
  • Kat
    Episode 2
    Kat throws her sixteenth birthday party aboard the Queen Mary cruise ship.
  • Bobby
    Episode 1
    Bobby takes his guests to "Bobbywood" to celebrate the glam life of Hollywood.
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