My Super Sweet 16

Season 7 Episode 7

You Are Cordially Invited... to Haley's Sweet 16

Full Episode: You Are Cordially Invited... to Haley's Sweet 16


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Haley lives the good life, in a Southern Hospitality kind of way. This private school Southern Bell loves basketball, hanging out with her friends, and shopping, but this All-American girl has a wild side. Haley is turning 16, and wants to show everyone that even though she's an All-American girl, she can get a little dirty. How will Haley do this might you ask? By getting dirty in the South and throwing a Dirty South themed party at the hottest venue in Houston, Texas, the House of Dereon owned by none other than Houston's own, Beyonce Knowles. Haley has hired one of Houston's top Event Planning companies to make her Dirty South party come true, and everything has to be perfect for Miss Haley. Three outfit changes, including a dress designed by Miss Tina Knowles, Step Team performances, and a surprise performance by Paul Wall, makes for the perfect Dirty South party. Will a $100,000 budget be enough for Haley's high expectations or will her party get too dirty for the South? Experience Haley ya'll!moreless
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