My Super Sweet 16

Season 7 Episode 5

You are cordially invited? to Kristy's Sweet 16

Full Episode: You are cordially invited? to Kristy's Sweet 16


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It's not every day that a teenage girl gets to return home from her Asian tour with her band just in time to throw a totally off the hook Sweet 16 Party but Kristy Landers isn't your ordinary teenager. Kristy is the daughter of 80's star Judy Landers and MLB pitching reliever Tom Niedenfeur (LA Dodgers). She's also half of the pop duo "2 Girls", a group she formed with her sister. Her Super Sweet 16 party will be held at the Ringling Mansion in the Sarasota area-where Kristy can have her fairytale themed bash. She will make sure she looks like the princess she is! Her birthday present surprise could be a Red Porsche, a Bentley convertible or a Corvette that makes her feel like "a Barbie in her Barbie car!" She won't be satisfied with any ordinary sweet 16 party. Will Kristy be able to pull of the most lavish sweet 16 party yet?moreless
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