My Super Sweet 16

Season 7 Episode 3

You Are Cordially Invited... to Sean Kingston's Super 18

Full Episode: You Are Cordially Invited... to Sean Kingston's Super 18


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You may know superstar Sean Kingston by his mega hit Beautiful Girls, but you're about to see a whole new side of the platinum selling rapper when he welcomes you to his home island of Jamaica for his 18th birthday blowout! It's the first time he's been back since making his mark and Sean's gonna do things big! You'll tag along as he hangs out at Jamaican hotspots Dunn's River's Falls and Dolphin Cove and grabs some grub at old haunt Jack Ruby's - where he's bound to run into some of the best reggae artists in the world. And all the home coming fun leads up to the biggest beach party Ochos Rios has ever. But before Sean touches down in paradise, he has an album to record and a party to plan, and things might get a little hectic. Will Sean be able to juggle the demands of an explosive career and still have time to throw the party of his dreams? It's a wild ride and the destination is Jamaica!moreless
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