My Three Sons

Season 5 Episode 2

A Serious Girl

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1964 on ABC



  • Notes

    • Former actor Hank Jones becomes a semi-regular during this season playing a friend of Robbie's named Pete. He later left acting to become a respected genealogist. Via email, Hank recalled that "One day the word 'catsup' was spoken in a soda-shop scene. There was a big debate about how to pronounce the word ('Ketschup' or 'catsup'). This was relatively important because the show was sponsored at the time by Hunt Foods who made the stuff. They had to telephone to the Hunt offices back east to find out how to say 'pass the catsup'". As Stanley Livingston (Chip) explains, the show's cast members were forced contractually to do commercials for the sponsors. "For a while we had Hunt's ketchup. Bill Frawley must have hated the product as he kept calling it 'ket-chap'. I know he was doing this on purpose, so they had to cut it and do it again. And right in the middle of the thing, he would come out with these outrageous lines or spit out the product and say 'Shit, this stuff is awful ' - I was just rolling on the floor". Strangely enough, the word was definitively spelt Catsup on the original network commercials, which featured the company's line up of tasty new flavors - Italian, Hickory and Pizza.