My Three Sons

Season 5 Episode 34

All the Weddings

Aired Unknown May 06, 1965 on ABC



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    • So the Douglas family supposedly lives in the midwest? Sure! Check out the car-chase scenes (obviously filmed in and around greater Los Angeles) where you will see tall palm trees, which are native to southern California and not elsewhere.

    • Strangely enough, we never get to see Sally's parents at the same time (they appear in separate episodes). Doris Singleton reprises her role role here as Sally's mother, and as noted elsewhere, she will return to the series as a guest star in the color era of the show, playing Chip's future mother-in-law!

    • Mike's friend Howard is set to be best man at his and Sally's wedding. At the start of the sixth season when the wedding takes place, Howard is nowhere to be found.

    • There could be a blooper in this episode when Howard Sears is saying goodbye to Uncle Charley in one scene. Uncle Charley sounds like he replies to him "Goodbye Sally". Well, just to be completely precise, Howard says something to the effect of "nice meeting you Mr. O'Casey" and Charley responds with his line. I actually think he says "Same here, Sonny" but it does sound like Sally!. But nevertheless, you will have to listen closely.

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