My Three Sons

Season 8 Episode 23

Dear Enemy

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 1968 on ABC



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    • It is mentioned by Uncle Charley that he and Steve visited a lake near the site of Robbie's maneuvers when they first came out to this part of the country. However, it is not said when that actually may've occurred.

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    • Most of Fred MacMurray's scenes in this episode are with the dog, Tramp.

    • The late character actor William Boyett (1927-2004) makes his fourth and final appearance on the series.

    • The actors playing the roles of the Sergeants in the Friendly and Aggressor forces are not listed on the end credits but are credited on the official press sheet from CBS Films.

    • Towards the end of the scene where Katie is captured and Robbie is brought in to identify her, if you look closely to the right hand side of the screen, there is a wisp of cigarette smoke wafting into frame, despite the fact that nobody can be actually seen smoking.

    • In the opening scene as the boys and Charley are loading the camper for their trip, Fred MacMurray's shadow can be seen on the wall inside the back door of the service porch during the scene. Obviously MacMurray is awaiting his turn to enter the scene and give his line! It could be suggested that Steve was standing in the porch reading the directions on the cans of insect repellant that he brings outside to Charley and the boys for their trip. The actor doesn't have to hide completely off-camera before walking into the frame to deliver his lines but this is quite possibly what did happen!!

    • There is a rare shot of the back part of the new Douglas house; in one revealing shot two large doors can be viewed from the side of the back service porch entrance. This could be considered the entrance to the out of sight two-car garage, but it still gives credence to the fact that the house was originally a huge barn constructed on what was then the Republic Studios site. (See episode #260 for more detailed notes about this).

    • Guest Star Bobby Crawford is the brother of Johnny Crawford, the child actor who appeared in "The Rifleman" series with Chuck Connors.

    • The episode's Technical Advisor was Colonel Jack Goetz, United States Army Reserve.

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