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Don Grady dies

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    Breaking News reports are starting to filter through at the moment. Don Grady from MY THREE SONS (our very own Robbie Douglas) passed away early this morning after a long battle with cancer, he was 68. I know many of the fans on this messageboard will be saddened by this news -- as I was -- and will join me in remembering him, his family and his co-stars at this very sad time.

    Iconsider myself lucky to have had contact with Don over the last couple of years via email as he, along with Stanley Livingston, have been instrumental in helping me get my book on the show published. Hopefully this will be in the very foreseeable future.

    Don was an absolute pleasure to deal with and was very gracious in recalling his memories on the show for me and had some wonderful stories to tell which I have incorporated into the book as well as this episode guide here at TV.Com.

    Geoff Brown

    Melbourne, Australia.

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    Sorry to learn of his death, I enjoyed watching "My Three Sons".
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    I just heard the news (buried in an avalanche of other news making headlines). He was the perennial big brother, after Mike's departure. He was also an accomplished musician, and in one episode did a great number, with his band, called "Good Man To Have Around The House". He also wrote the theme for The Phil Donahue Show. His sister was Lani O'Grady (Agrati) from Eight Is Enough. She preceded him in death. RIP!
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    At times like this I find myself not only feeling sadness for the lost of people I grew up with but did not know but also thinking more about my lost to time childhood. I am at the age where it seems weekly someone from my childhood has passed away. It is a sign that for many of us our time on the Earth is getting shorter. Yes none of us know when we are going but we can count the years we have been on this Earth and see those around us who are no longer with us and tell. Don't waste them. Now is the time to ensure the time after your Earthly death. May the love of Christ find you all. God Bless.May you rest in peace. Thanks and God Bless.

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