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    Although it was a short five minute interview with the some of the surviving members of the series on the CBS Early Show, it was great to see Barry and Stanley Livingston with Tina Cole in the studio in New York, with Don Grady appearing via satellite hookup from Los Angeles. The interview aired during the first week of November and yes I have seen it from all the way down under in Australia... via You Tube of all places! The cast looks so good (Tina and Don especially!) What is more than satisfying is what wonderful adults these people are, and of course with families all of their own.

    Stan Livingston (Chip) made some very pertinent comments on the acquisition of Fred MacMurray to the show. He noted that the equivalent today would be an actor of the stature of Mel Gibson or Michael Douglas starring in a tv series now and how today's younger generation had no idea how big a star MacMurray was in 1960.

    The segment was short but interesting and I have no doubt that Fred MacMurray, William Frawley, William Demarest and Beverly Garland are smiling down from above!

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