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    Here's an idea for a couple of movies based on My Three Sons. One would be a big screen version of the series, with the characters at about the same age as they were in the 1960s and still in Bryant Park. It would probably have to be based on the color episodes, after Bub and Mike left, because the B&W episodes are less familiar to most people. The cast would include Judge Reinhold as Steve and Jerry Stiller as Uncle Charlie. They could probably have lesser known actors to play the boys. Any other suggestions?

    Another idea for a movie would be an update, or continuation, something like "Return To Mayberry"(1986). It would be with characters as they would be today. Maybe it sounds too much like a soap opera, but MTS looked some like a soap opera toward the end anyway. Uncle Charlie, in this one, would have to be deceased, or he'd be perhaps the oldest living person. Steve, too, would be almost a centenarian. Fred MacMurray would be 99 this year, so I don't know what they'd do with him. I suppose they could keep him alive, with another actor playing the part, but I don't know if that would work. Beverly Garland is about 80, so, with Steve dead, she would be the family matriarch (even though she's no blood relation to any of them except Dodie). Where possible, the original actors would return, even the much maligned Dawn Lyn as Dodie. Any comments?

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