My Three Sons

Season 5 Episode 9

Goodbye Again

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1964 on ABC

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  • Another ghost from Mike's relatively short past.

    The is one of at least two episodes in which Mike encounters an old flame after becoming engaged to Sally. Here, pretty Jean Pearson, Mike's high school girlfriend, returns to Bryant Park to visit her grandmother. She meets up with Mike and the two go out together. Mike tells himself that they're not really dates, but Jean feels otherwise. He's torn between them. For comic relief, Ernie Thompson (who would become Ernie Douglas the following season after being adopted into the Douglas household), as James Bond 007, offers his intelligence services to Sally (Chip assists him as 008, but Ernie does most of the work) so to keep her informed about Mike's activities. It starts out as fun, but turns out heartbreaking when she finds out through Ernie about Mike and Jean. Mike ultimately does the right thing and gently breaks it off with Jean, without ever having told her he was engaged. Jean, however, has already found out about Sally, courtesy of Robbie, and now Jean is the one with a broken heart, but weathers it with dignity. Ever the wise father, Steve lectures Mike about getting himself in this mess. The melodrama of the Mike, Sally, and Jean triangle mixes well with the cutesy humor of Ernie and his sidekick, Chip, playing private detective.