My Three Sons

Season 5 Episode 9

Goodbye Again

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1964 on ABC



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    • One of Doris Day's signature tunes "Secret Love" (Music by Sammy Fain) is perfectly interpolated into Frank DeVol's music score for this episode.

    • Home-town intrigue has Ernie (and to a lesser extent, Chip) role-playing as professional private detectives, ala James Bond 007. Ernie will reprise this story thread again in Episode # 190 ("My Son, The Ballerina").

    • As Sally had originally worked in the secretarial pool at Steve's place of employment, it is no surprise to see her in the role of Steve's temporary replacement secretary.

    • Mike and Jean reminisce (via flashback) of their high school graduation. The footage utilised here was taken from Episode # 34 ("Trial by Separation") and was Produced and Directed by Peter Tewksbury and Written by A.J. Carothers.

    • The original sponsor of this episode was Hunt-Wesson Foods, Inc. makers of Hunt's Catsup, which came in a variety of tasty flavors.

    • This was the second and last episode of the show written by the Considine brothers (see also Episode # 103). Tim has called the episode 'revolutionary' because of the extensive use of flashbacks. Whilst Tim himself would later direct the next to last Black and White episode of the series, they did collaborate on a two-part episode of the "Tarzan" series in 1966, titled "The Deadly Silence" which was later released theatrically in 1970.

    • Although Cynthia Pepper only played the next door neighbour role eight times in the first season, she made such an impression as Mike's girlfriend that you always suspected they'd get married one day. She was offered the title role in the series "Margie" in 1961, thinking she might have made the big time, and promptly left the series. Unfortunately her new show lasted but a single season and she went back to guest star roles. Her appearance in this episode is well handled. Cynthia's father Jack Culpepper, was a former vaudevillian who was the first husband of the late actress-dancer Ginger Rogers.

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