My Three Sons

Season 4 Episode 31

Mike Wears the Pants

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 1964 on ABC



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    • Co-star Don Grady relates the following story on the filming of this episode: "He (Fred MacMurray) was a no-nonsense guy, kind of like your parent - 'Hey, you gotta do your bed, clean the room, and take the trash out'. He really was that way and he didn't treat us or expect us to react like stars. When we got on the set it was like, 'You better know your lines!' It wasn't like a dictator, but it was fatherly kind of 'know your stuff'. We obviously loved and respected him, and of course he had a sense of humor. But to me it didn't come out that often. But every once in a while he would do something that was funny; he would step out of line of what we all knew Fred as, which was shy, introverted, keep-to-yourself kind of man. There is a scene when Meredith MacRae as Mike's girlfriend Sally is staying overnight at the Douglas house and Chip and Robbie give her their room to stay in. Mike has a separate room and Steve had a room across the hall. Sally, Mike and Steve are talking in the hall and they say goodnight; they all go to their separate rooms, close the door, and that's the end of the scene. Well Fred wanted to do this little thing. He said 'Let's give the guys up in the dailies a little laugh here.' When all the doors close at the end of the scene, the camera keeps rolling, shooting the hallway with nothing there for a couple of moments. And then Mike's door opens and he starts sneaking towards Sally's room. He opens the door, and just before he gets in , Fred opens HIS door and says 'Mike, get back to your room!' And it just cracked everybody up in the dailies! And that's unusual for Fred to do that. He was 50% owner of the show and that meant extra film, extra expense, and Fred wasn't known for doing extra expenses. But that was classic Fred MacMurray in very rare form."

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