My Three Sons

Season 12 Episode 6

Polly the Pigeon

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 1971 on ABC

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  • On her own at home, Polly is visited by a door-to-door salesman who does brisk business with her. But Chip finds that she has been buying unnecessary items and questions her ability to resist strong sales pitches.

    Ronne Troup is convincing in this episode in portraying her character's lack of sales resistance. She is appealing in her role as Chip's wife, and few episodes do a better job of showing why Polly is lovable. Stanley Livingston is in his element, with his character responding reasonably to situations as he did throughout the series without overreacting. We see the influence of Chip's father having coached him in so many life lessons as he grew up. Dave Ketchum is perfectly cast as the persuasive salesman. All in all, one of the more interesting efforts of the final season. The chemistry between Ronne and Stanley is enjoyable.