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  • family affair

    I love this show
  • One of the best family comedies of the early 1960s and one that doesn't get shown often enough on TV. Also arguably the best series that has yet to be seen on DVD. What's the big delay? Like I said off the top: Bring it back!

    This was one of my favorite shows as a child and I was thrilled to rediscover it when the reruns began airing in my area around 5 years ago. I enjoyed seeing the color episodes again, but what really got me enjoying and appreciating the show once again was seeing the early black and white episodes for the first time. What a joy it was to see the sons in their younger days, guided by the wisdom and love of their widowed father Steve Douglas, played brilliantly by Fred MacMurray, who cemented his reputation as one of the great TV fathers of all time. To top things off, he was aided by the boys' grandfather, "Bub" O'Casey, played by William Frawley, best known, of course, from "I Love Lucy". If the mere sight of Fred Mertz in an apron doing housework jolts your senses just a little, if you keep watching for a few more episodes you'll be amazed at how well he pulls it off. My favorite character on the show was Polly, Chip's girlfriend who later married him. I absolutely adored her! My favorite episodes were when Polly and Chip began dating, much to the dismay of her overprotective father, which I could never understand since I thought they made a great couple! Like the great family comedies of the 50s and 60s like "Leave It To Beaver", "Ozzie and Harriet", and "Make Room For Daddy", to name a few, this is a series that defines a gentler and more innocent time, a show that you can look at and sadly wonder why they don't make them like this anymore. I miss the show a lot and I hope someone will have the good sense to bring it back very soon, either on TV or DVD.

  • A happy visitor to families in the 1960s-70s

    If you criticize television from the 1960s, you weren't there, otherwise you'd know that this family comedy with the second longest run in sitcom history was an important part of growing up. It was one of the early CBS programs in color, and while it ran the weekly show was much anticipated by parents and kids alike. It may seem too tame for today's anything-goes crowd, or in a day where obscure congressmen from backward districts shout insults at the president and encourage hooliganism at town halls, or where parents pretend their child is aboard a Jiffypop balloon to get on a reality show, or where a rich heiress feels the need to make a porn video for notariety, but watching this show as a youngster was entertaining and wholesome. It didn't solve world problems and it didn't address many complex social issues, it was just there to make you laugh. If it doesn't translate well to today's generation, it is because they didn't live through the turbulence of the 1960s. M3S was a little oasis for families, with mild problems solved by the end of each half hour episode, and it is still playing in syndication to this day. M3S was and remains an important program in the history of American television.
  • It began as an all male family in the burbs, dealing with everyday problems with alot of humor thrown in!

    I loved this show as a child and would still love watching it today! It was a good clean family show that had something for everyone. I Wish it was available on dvd like alot of the other classics of that era! I can remember me and my sister and brothers running to the living room to watch it just as soon as we heard that catchy little tune begin, then we'd argue about which shoes belonged to which character. I remember a pair of white sneakers, a pair of wing-tips, and i think a pair of penny loafers tapping their toes to the beat of the music. Gosh!, those were the good old days!
  • A Midwest Aeronautics Engineer living in Bryant Park, IL with 3 Sons and 1 Housekeeper to help into the time of day.

    (1960-1963) Don Fedderson's Latest Entry called "MY THREE SONS." The Comedy began with A Widowed Father, A Crumdgeon Grandfather & 3 Sons to raise them perfectly but tough. The Show Stars Fred MacMurray as Steve Douglas-A Midwest Aeronautics Engineer at Chicago O'Hare Airport. At Whom raise 3 Sons with the help of an grandfather. William Frawley, A Graduate of "I LOVE LUCY" as Grandpa Michael Francis "Bub" O'Casey whom look around the house cleaning up and teach the valuable lessons that the 3 Sons about life & danger. The 3 Sons are Michael "Mike" (Tim Considine), Robert "Robbie" (Don Grady) & Richard "Chip" Douglas (Stanley Livingston). Mike & Robbie were started to date girls and Chip whom already made friends. Together living in under one roof and outside the roof at 837 Mill Street in Bryant Park, IL outside Chicago and making the misadventures of the Douglas Family.

    (1963-1965) Mike found a girlfriend turned fiancee named Sally Ann Morrison (Meredith MacRae) and Chip meets his boyfriend named Ernest "Ernie" Thompson (Barry Livingston: Stanley's Brother) can visit and play with Chip right towards the conclusion of the abc-TV Period. In the Winter of 1964-1965 Bub leaves the USA to help his own family and Uncle Charley O'Casey (William Demarest) came to the Douglas Household and the Crumdgeon Style unlike his brother to took over the household.

    (1965-1967) The Show Moved from abc-TV to CBS-TV. Mike & Sally got married gone to the East in New York, NY and Steve Douglas and his family can adopt Ernie as Chip's Playmate turned into the new son.

    (1967-1969) The Douglas Family Moved from Bryant Park, IL to North Hollywood, CA and Robbie meets new classmate of UCLA named Kathleen "Katie" Miller (Tina Cole) that become his girlfriend, fiancee & a new Wife and the next year (1968) Robbie & Katie gave birth to the triplet brothers are Steve II, Charley II & Robbie, Jr. and moved to the apartment in North Hollywood, CA.

    (1969-1970) Steve Douglas met one of Ernie's Teachers from the abc-TV Period is Miss Barbara Harper (Beverly Garland) & her little Daughter named Dodie Harper (Dawn Lyn) and they got married promptly.

    (1970-1971) Chip Douglas elopes UCLA Classmate named Polly Williams (Ronne Troup) and upsets the Douglas & Williams Families and managed to make the young newlywed couple to survive the 2 semesters.

    (1971-1972) Steve's Twin Cousin named Fergus McBain Douglas came to the North Hollywood, CA, USA from Scotland to marry Miss Terri Dowling A Cocktail Waitress at the Bar and The Douglas Families are living in Greatness.
    -Ben Hallums.
  • This show is about a widower who had three sons he raised with help of his father in-law. His field was in aeronautical engineering and from time to time was on long business trips. The show was about a all male household working together as a family.

    My Three Sons is one of the best family sitcoms of the 1960s. The show was one of the first to tackle a household that was all male, and how the father deals with this situation. There have been some other shows, but as a situation comedy During the early ABC years it was probably at their best, because the writing was so well crafted. With stories that blend sentiment with situation comedy the show was a major hit throughout the sixties. Through 12 seasons this show set the standard for family shows. Today it is remembered.
  • MacMurray not first choice

    Just a note to say that before deciding on Fred MacMurray, the part of Steve Douglas was offered to and turned down by Eddie Albert. Albert later did accept the part of Oliver Wendell Douglas on Green Acres. Guess Albert got considered for the part of any character named Douglas.
  • Run-of-the-mill series

    A run-of-the-mill series, just one of a plethora of countless family sitcoms. The only family series which showed Originality was "The Addams Family." Remember, I'm referring only to sitcoms which center on a Family-situation.

    As for "My Three Sons," the only thing which I like about it is its theme music. It would be good if it would be released on a music cd about all the sitcoms and their theme music. That would appeal to me.
  • Pleasant--and that's not a compliment.

    My Three Sons is one of those pleasant family comedies that seemed to flourish in the late 50s-mid 60s. By pleasant, I mean nothing major or important ever happens: the kids argue a little, Dad dispenses a few words of wisdom, and then the episode ends. This is THAT kind of show.

    It's all so excessively nice and uneventful that it's boring. No belly laughs, no tear-jerking drama. Just deadly, endlessly, bland. I wouldn't consider this series actually bad; it's just unbearably dull.
  • Loved it. Was some of the best television out there.

    Wow! What a great show, 12 years of wonderful television. Something about this show just made me watch each episode over and over again!

    Even in the last season, I still thought that the episodes were great and funny!

    This is one show that should be on in reruns constantly.

  • We need My Three Sons!

    I feel this is one of those shows that doesn't command the respect it deserves. It is absolutely endearing, and very smartly played by all the characters. Why it has not been put on DVD or at least put back on the TV Land schedule is beyond me. Is it possible that the powers that be think that a show that ran for 12 years and has a star of the calibre of Fred MacMurray is less deserving that Leave it to Beaver(currently running on TV land)? The episodes are crisp and clear, and sometimes laugh out loud funny. The sentiment is actually not "cloying" and is in fact a very subtle thing. Watching Fred MacMurray is always a delight--and certainly when the triplets came along the show reached a zenith of humor and tenderness.
    Absolutely a Keeper--and deserving a release of all of its seasons on DVD--we must allow new generations to discover this gem!
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