My Three Sons - Season 12

ABC (ended 1972)




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  • Ernie's Follies
    Ernie's Follies
    Episode 25
  • A Thanksgiving Reunion with The Partridge Family and My Three Sons

    This would be probably the first and only time that the surviving original cast members would get together at the same time to celebrate the series which includes fondly remembered clips and an update of what they were doing in 1977 when it first aired as part of the "ABC Reunion" - and this was five years after "My Three Sons" had ceased production as a TV series. The intervening years and the passage of time would see two of the show's major stars pass away within a several years of each other. But, in a joint effort with the cast of the once popular Screen Gems comedy series "The Partridge Family" (which itself has become a post-series international cultural phenomenon), and which ran from 1970-74, the special was a one-off retrospective that was recieved well, but is now considered something of an oddity 30+ years later.

    The special was produced by Dick Clark Productions in association with Don Fedderson. The Executive Producer was Dick Clark, and the special was Produced by Al Schwartz with John Rea acting as Associate Producer. The program was videotaped at the ABC Television Center in Hollywood.

    The program starts with Fred MacMurray walking up to the Douglases Bryant Park home as it looked at the time of this special. Then there is opening credits with current pictures of cast members.

    Next scene is Fred and Shirley Jones on director chairs who chat a bit. Clip of Fred with a washing machine that's acting up.*(taken from the episode "Woman's Work")*

    Clip of Fred coming home asking where everyone is as he says each name- the three original sons (Mike, Robbie and Chip) answer live in the studio *(Clip from "The Girls Next Door")*

    They all sit down in living room set. Fred asks what they are now doing. Tim Considine says producing, writing and acting. Clip of Mike angry because his girl has a crush on Steve.*(from the episode, "The Crush")*

    Then Stanley Livingston says he is writing a screenplay (says he can't wait to see his name upon the big screen under "Written by.." and co-starring in themovie "Hotwire".) Clip of Chip complaining a certain girl doesn't pick him for spelling bee contest.*(from the episode "Woman's Work")* [It should be noted that Stan's movie was retitled, "Smokey and the Hotwire Gang" and was held back from release until 1979. It was released to video under the title "Mafia Lady" in 1990 and remains a real B-grade entry].

    Then Don Grady says he is writing music and recording an album. Clip- Robbie taking Ballet lessons *(from the episode "My Son, The Ballerina)*. Fred says he always thought of Robbie as a sensitive teenager. [Don had a contract with Elektra Records at the time of the Special and released an album called "Home Grown", which contained all self-penned songs recorded by Don under his real name, Don Agrati.]

    Barry Livingston comes out on stage. Clip of Ernie's first appearance *(from the episode, "My Friend Ernie")* Says he is still acting in Summer workshops and has acted recently on Broadway.

    Fred says that he is travelling with his wife, actress June Haver and still playing bad golf.

    "The Partridge Family" side takes over:
    Clip of Reuben and Danny dieting and not smoking *(from the episode "Each Dawn I Diet")*
    Dave Madden and Danny Bonaduce come out. Clip of Chris and Tracy running away. Suzanne Crough, 14 and Brian Forster, 17 come out. Another clip of them running away again *(taken from the episode, "Home Is Where The Heart Was")*

    Danny Bonaduce says he has made appearances on "Police Story" & the telemovies "Stingray" and "Murder on Flight 502"
    Dave Madden says he is a stand up comic in Las Vegas.

    Susan Dey is not there but sends a video message saying she is sorry she cannot be there as she is promoting her movie "First Love" co-starring William Katt. When she says that she wants to catch up with all of them, especially Danny, he is moved to think she really does care for him, which segues into a Blooper of Laurie pouring a pitcher of milk over Danny during a scene when Danny kept flubbing his lines.

    Outtakes of the show are featured.

    Clips of Keith with Chris and Tracy saying they want to grow up to become black people. *(from the episode, "Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Partridge")*

    David Cassidy appears. Clip of song "Looking Through the Eyes of Love" *(from the episode "Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge?")* . Says he is breeding horses now and still acting. Did a Movie of the Week - "Police Story" (which would become the basis for his short-lived series, "David Cassidy-Man Undercover"). Says he is happily married to actress Kay Lenz. Shirley then introduces him again as he sings a new song, "Strengthen My Love".

    Back to "My Three Sons":

    Fred introduces the wives. Meredith MacRae, Tina Cole, and Ronne Troup come out but go to the wrong husbands. Ernie complains that it wasn't his fault that he wasn't old enough to get married on the show and Tramp comes out for him.

    Meredith says she really dated Tim but is now married to actor Greg Mullavey and doing nightclub act. Clip of Mike trying to propose to Sally." *(from the episode, "The Proposals")*

    Tina says she and Don almost got married in real life. Says she is now member of the King Family singers. Clip of Robbie and Katie's nuptials *(from the episode "Wedding Bells")* Then Tina sings a song Don wrote after their breakup. The song is called 'Story' and semi documents their careers on the show. Fred compliments her beautiful voice.

    Ronne Troup bemoans the fact that both her and Stanley Livingston never had a traditional church wedding - Clip of Elopement of Polly and Chip. *(from the episode "The Elopement")*

    Clip of Steve and Barbara's Wedding *("Came The Day")*
    Fred says that he thought the scene in the church was quite touching. Beverly Garland comes out on stage. Trips over Tramp. And when they all sit down the on-set couch breaks for real and they almost all go tumbling backwards. That is pretty funny and spontaneous.

    Bev says still acting and runs her own Hotel in North Hollywood, where she is also the honorary Mayor. She has 2 kids. ("Carrie" and "Big Jim")

    Bev asks boys what they thought of her as a mother all answer at once. Fred sends Don to his room. "But I'm 33 years old" protests Don, so Fred sends him to his old room.

    Fred reintroduces Shirley. She sings "He Touched Me".

    Fred and Beverly do a skit about what the show would be like if on the air today. Fred and Beverly are both new-age. Alot of Farouts, groovys and granolas. Ernie stops by and is very conservative. Steve says they got divorced so they could live together. He brings a minister along to make it legal.

    Video of William Demarest. Introduces clip of the Triplets *(from "My Three Grandsons")* Clip of Bub and Mike. Clip of himself and Chip *(from "Brother Ernie")* Finishes up saying it was an honor to be a part of TV history. Says he has known Fred for over 40 years and that he never knew a nicer man or a better friend.

    Shirley and Fred wrap up. Shirley sings "Moments Make The Memories". Cassidy sings "As Time Goes By" and fakes playing the piano.

    For the finale the casts of both series come on stage and sing "Moments Make The Memories" and that concludes the show.

    Choreography for the show was Ron Poindexter, Musical Director was Kenny Stark and Special Musical Material was by Billy Bairnes.

    Contributing Writers: Howard Leeds, George Tibbles, Arnold and Lois Peyser, John McGreevey, Shirl Gordon and Douglas Tibbles. (My Three Sons)

    William S. Bickley, Richard Bensfield, Perry Grant, Lloyd Turner, Gordon Mitchell and Susan Harris. (The Partridge Family)

    Contributing Directors: Richard Whorf, James V. Kern and Fred DeCordova.
    (My Three Sons)

    Mel Swope, Jerry London, Richard Kinon and Bruce Bilson. (The Partridge Family).

    Film Clip Research/Clearance was by Craig Austin.

  • Whatever Happened to Ernie?
    Steve's boss Bob Anderson and his wife share 'Where-did-we-go-wrong?' panic as they struggle to communicate with their son; Steve and Barbara are the counselors. The teenager is rude and disrespectful to his parents but his insolence doesn't bother them nearly as much as not knowing if he is taking drugs.
  • Barbara Lost
    Barbara Lost
    Episode 23
    Chip decides to quit his Chemical Engineering studies in favour of a rock music career when he meets up with a former friend, John Simpson, who is now a big star. When Barbara visits John in the studio she is baffled by all the switches on the recording console, and realises that professional musicians know what they're doing, so how will Chip handle it?moreless
  • Lonesome Katie
    Lonesome Katie
    Episode 22
    Katie becomes disillusioned about life without Robbie, and seriously thinks about divorce after speaking with another of the wives in the same situation. Meanwhile, Dodie and her two pals campaign to Barbara to let them have a slumber party.
  • The Birth of Arfie
    The Birth of Arfie
    Episode 21
    The Douglas family becomes concerned about Dodie's despondency when Tramp, the ageing family mongrel, keeps disappearing at night. Meanwhile, Uncle Charley makes her a rag-doll and names it Arfie.
  • Bad Day for Barbara
    Bad Day for Barbara
    Episode 20
    Although Barbara is feeling very ill, she is saddled with the responsibility of looking after the entire Douglas household but in the end, to escape the pressure, she just walks out leaving Steve in a worried state.
  • Second Banana
    Second Banana
    Episode 19
    While Steve becomes pre-occupied with a time-consuming project named Taurus, Barbara blossoms forth as a Championship Cook. Her recipe for 'Tangy Tidbits' wins her a trip to Hawaii for the final cookout.
  • Bad Day for Steve
    Bad Day for Steve
    Episode 18
    Steve suddenly becomes accident-prone when his youngest son Ernie tries to discover by graph and observation how the moon's lunar phases affect people's behaviour.
  • Peanuts
    Episode 17
    Dodie commits the entire Douglas family to a time consuming project - the awesome task of getting a four foot tall bag of Peanuts into small little sacks which they hope to sell at the school fair to raise money for Korean orphans.
  • Buttons and Beaux
    Buttons and Beaux
    Episode 16
    When the Douglas men feel sorry for Katie because of her husband's continued absence, they proceed to overwhelm her with attention by each one of them taking her out to the same restaurant each night.
  • Alfred
    Episode 15
    A little first grader named Alfred develops a big crush on third grader Dodie Douglas -- much to her displeasure. When Uncle Charley invites him to dinner, Dodie tries to fake illness to get out of it. Very soon Alfred's mother reports that he is missing.
  • Three for School
    Three for School
    Episode 14
    Katie decides to put the triplets in a nursery school during the day when she fills in for a friend as a secretary, a move that enrages Uncle Charley when he hears about it. Later, it becomes apparent that he goes missing every afternoon causing the family to worry.
  • TV Triplets
    TV Triplets
    Episode 13

    Katie's triplets are spotted by a talent scout for a production company and are selected to appear in a television commercial. The temperamental director yells when the boys misbehave and make a shambles of the studio. Grandfather Steve is asked to replace the actor doing the same so the boys will feel more at ease.

  • The Sound of Music
    The Sound of Music
    Episode 12
    Uncle Charley is persuaded to fill in as a Cello teacher to a small group of reluctant young music students. His teaching methods leave much to be desired as he makes sure that they practice and practice for the upcoming recital.
  • Polly's Secret Life
    Polly's Secret Life
    Episode 11
    Polly fears that Chip is losing interest in her as a woman, and she takes some very dramatic steps to remedy the situation. Ernie gets the impression that the marriage is on the rocks when he finds out she is sneaking away from school and making mysterious calls to a man named Andre.moreless
  • Katie's Career
    Katie's Career
    Episode 10
    Katie Douglas takes a job singing in a small coffee house, but both Steve and Charley have their doubts about the man she is going to work for. After meeting the owner's wife, they realise she is in very good hands.
  • The Enthusiast
    The Enthusiast
    Episode 9
    Barbara's natural enthusiasm bubbles over into an embarrassing evening for Steve and some of his business associates. Barbara explains to Steve that adrenalin gets her going in competition, and she is apprehensive when he is asked to play in his work's bowling team for fear she will make him lose concentration.moreless
  • Proxy Parents
    Proxy Parents
    Episode 8

    Childless young marrieds Chip and Polly Douglas suddenly find themselves the temporary guardians of several young children including the triplets, when Katie flies to Peru for a weekend rendezvous with Robbie who has sent for her because he has some free time. And Dodie invites her friends over to the house for sleep-over. Meanwhile, Steve, Barbara and Charley go on a camping trip to the Sequoias and Barbara, who is challenged by the outdoors lifestyle, isn't exactly Mrs. Daniel Boone -- as Steve eventually finds out.

  • Happy Birthday, Anyway
    Uncle Charley leaves for a week's vacation in San Francisco but meanwhile, birthdays disrupt the Douglas household, when Barbara, Katie and Polly turn against their spouses over the men's apparent oversight.
  • Polly the Pigeon
    Polly the Pigeon
    Episode 6
    Chip complains about Polly's lack of sales resistance because they have an apartment full of useless things. But she is trapped by a salesman into giving a dinner party for eight people in exchange for a free set of cookware.
  • Four for the Road
    Four for the Road
    Episode 5
    Having no choice, Steve takes the triplets to work where a secretary offers to take them home until he is finished. However he accidentally loses her details and when she finally rings, she announces that the boys have run out the front door, much to Steve's annoyance.
  • Goodbye, Fergus
    Goodbye, Fergus
    Episode 4
    The wedding day for Steve's Scottish cousin and bowling alley waitress Terri Dowling finally arrives amid the traditional confusion and tears. They leave for a three day honeymoon in Las Vegas but Uncle Charley is worried about the lack of thankyou from them.
  • Lady Douglas
    Lady Douglas
    Episode 3
    Steve's Scottish cousin Fergus, after only one date with Bowling Alley Cocktail Waitress Terri Dowling, proposes but gets turned down by her. She feels inadequate to return to Scotland as royalty, but is eventually persuaded by Steve.
  • Fergus for Sale
    Fergus for Sale
    Episode 2
    When Uncle Charley learns that Fergus is looking for a wife to take back to Scotland to provide him with heirs to carry on the family name, he takes out an ad in the local newspaper in an effort to rid the Douglas home of his nemesis.
  • The Advent of Fergus
    Steve's look-alike Scottish nobleman cousin Fergus, comes to America looking for a bride to take back to his hometown of Sithian Bridge and moves in on the entire Douglas family, much to the dismay of Uncle Charley.