My Three Sons

Season 11 Episode 13

St. Louis Blues

Aired Unknown Dec 19, 1970 on ABC



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    • Actor Don Grady, who portrayed Robbie Douglas, the boys' father, remembers working with the Todds. "We had several sets of triplets in the beginning," he recalls, "because the law says that you can only put a baby younger than six months under the lights for like 30 seconds at a time. So when Robbie and Katie first had them, we had half a dozen babies around the set so we could shift one with the other after 30 seconds. But the main triplets, that people remember was the final set (the Todds)...."

    • Joan Tompkins returns to the show for one last (ninth) appearance as Katie's mother. I believe that she was once married to the late character actor Karl Swenson (1908-78). You will note that she has changed her hairdo from the one she previously used in her other appearances.

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