My Three Sons

Season 11 Episode 1

The First Anniversary

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 1970 on ABC



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    • Ronne Troup joins the cast of the show as Chip's girlfriend Pauline 'Polly' Williams. Strangely enough, many books on the history of the show indicate that Polly's surname was the same as Ernie's before he was adopted (Thompson) but this was never the case. Interestingly, Troup was about five years older than co-star Stanley Livingston (Chip).

    • The show's resident composer Frank DeVol, gives Chip and Polly their own Love theme, as he had done previously with Robbie and Katie and Steve and Barbara.

    • Ironically, while Chip is poised to marry on the series, Stanley Livingston had in fact secretly married a go-go dancer named Sandra late in 1968 a week before turning aged 18 - Fred MacMurray did not approve of this union according to all known reports - and the six year marriage ended in 1974. He has a daughter - Samantha, born in 1970, the year that these current episodes were being filmed. [Sharp-eyed viewers will note that Stan's wife actually has a small walk-on role in Episode # 367]

    • For her second year on the show, Beverly Garland has a new hairdo. She will change it again to a different style in the last season.

    • A poignant and for some a weepy moment in this episode occurs at the end when Dodie runs upstairs during the party after she feels her present isn't as good as the ones given by the rest of the family. Steve and Barbara assure her they will love it anyway, as she reveals a painted imprint of her hand on paper with the inscription, "To my Mommy and Daddy - my left hand closest to my heart".

    • TV Guide's capsule review of this season opener noted that this episode, which originally aired on September 19, 1970 was "a lesson in taking children seriously."

    • The voice of the telephone operator is Joan Vohs, who appears uncredited of course.

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