My Three Sons

Season 10 Episode 1

The First Meeting

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1969 on ABC



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    • As one, arguably, noticeable side-effect of the "MacMurray Method" of filming out of sequence, Katie's hair is parted to the left on scenes with Steve, and parted to the right on all the others

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    • As Robbie and Katie prepare to move into their own apartment, Katie and Steve reminisce about Mr. Storffman, the gruff old contractor who built an alcove in the bedroom to accomodate the triplets shortly after they were born. Soon this room will become Steve's new bedroom, even though as noted in the notes from the previous year, the room addition was not reflected in exterior shots of the house afterwards.

    • Apparently it was originally intended that Barbara Harper be a single woman and that she and Steve would marry and have a child of their own. Fred MacMurray nixed the whole idea as implausible, as he had spent the previous season doing baby storylines and didn't want to do so again. Also, it seems a little contrived that so many plot threads in this season opener point to a future romance for Steve Douglas.

    • Steve's date asks him what his star sign is and he replies "Well, the birthday's the end of August". It should be pointed out that Fred MacMurray celebrated his birthday every year on August 30th. Once however, in a Season 7 episode, the date of Steve Douglas' birthday was given as the 12th!

    • Finally Barry Livingston's voice has cracked and is now a more mature sounding voice.

    • The late Beverly Garland joins the show in the role of school teacher Barbara Harper who is assigned Room 112 at Ernie's High School. According to legend, Fred MacMurray's wife June Haver helped handpick Beverly for the role, not the show's casting director Virginia Martindale. Born Beverly Fessenden in Santa Cruz, California in 1926, Beverly studied drama and acted in little-theater productions in Glendale and then in Phoenix, after her family relocated to Arizona. Garland made her feature film debut in a supporting part in the movie "D.O.A". (1950). Her former husbands include actor Richard Garland who died just before Beverly joined the show, and land developer Fillmore Crank, who built the two hotels which bear her name. In 2001, Beverly Garland began her "second 50 years in show business" and in recognition of this honor, the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters inducted her into its Hall of Fame. Ms. Garland has had two very significant historical television "firsts": She was television's first policewoman as the star of "Decoy" in 1957. More importantly, in the realm of show business, as the star of "Decoy," Garland became the first actress to star in a dramatic television series. She was widowed (her husband of 39 years died in 1999), but still acted occasionally in television guest roles and continued to operate, with the assistance of three of her four children, the 255-room Beverly Garland Holiday Inn in North Hollywood (now known as The Garland). I also believe that her stepson Fillmore Crank, Jr. was at one-time married to her series co-star Tina Cole!  Beverly passed away in December, 2008 after a short illness aged 82. For her many and varied roles in her entertainment career Beverly is still fondly remembered and will never be forgotten.

    • From this episode onwards, the credits appear 'sharper' and the opening theme music has been rearranged to include Fred MacMurray saying "Hi, Welcome to our show" to an extended version with additional cast members added.

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