My Three Sons

Season 8 Episode 6

The Homecoming

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 1967 on ABC



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    • For you trivia freaks, let me assure you that the location of Robbie and Katie's honeymoon is never revealed.

    • Tina Cole's joining the regular cast brought a breath of fresh air into the series. It gave it focus; millions of American girls were secretly in love with "Robbie" and envied his new "wife". This created new viewers who continued to watch the series en masse. Born in Hollywood in 1943, Cole had acted previously (on shows as diverse as "Hawaiian Eye" and "The Lucy Show"), and as most will know, played three highschool girl roles on the show prior to being tapped as Katie. For the first time since Meredith MacRae had been a regular, a woman was firmly entrenched in the show, giving a new perspective to the previously all-male household. Also a singer, Cole is one of the renowned King Family singers. Her vocal prowess is showcased in future episodes #272 and #366. After the series ended in 1972 she continued to act (with appearances on "The Rookies" and "Adam-12") but in recent years she has concentrated on bringing up her family in between acting in stage productions in Sacramento where she is now based. In the last few years she has hosted a local morning talk show. Still stunningly beautiful, its hard to believe Tina turned 60 years old back in 2003!

    • There are no guest stars for this episode.

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