My Three Sons

Season 5 Episode 35

The Leopard's Spots

Aired Unknown May 13, 1965 on ABC



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    • This penultimate Black and White episode features co-star Tim Considine's directorial debut. Feeling he had now outgrown the role of Mike Douglas, he campaigned to direct the series, but supposedly had a falling out with Executive Producer Don Fedderson and eventually left the show when it moved to CBS. observer than a featured player. He also believed that since his character had become engaged and wasn't playing the field anymore, all of the story developments revolving around girl problems had been transferred to the character of Robbie. The real truth was that he had tired of playing real clean-cut, boy next door types.

    • Appearing as Susan Seaforth, the actress would spend an extraordinary amount of her future appearing on the soap opera "Days Of Our Lives" (1965-) where she would meet, co-star and eventually marry Bill Hayes and take his name as her professional one. Her degree from L.A's City College is in history, and the stack of books at her deskside reflects an intense interest in the American West and diverse Native American cultures. She has lectured at Universities in Los Angeles and Boston, but acting remains her great passion. History will have to wait while Susan does her thing.

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