My Three Sons

Season 10 Episode 5

The Littlest Rebel

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 1969 on ABC



  • Notes

    • Noted elsewhere in this guide, scenes from many episodes were shot out of order to accomodate Fred MacMurray whose generous contract with the show's producers stipulated that he only worked three months out of each season on the show, while the remaining co-stars filmed constantly. Sharp-eyed viewers will note that Dawn Lyn as Dodie, appears to be seen in many scenes missing her top front teeth, and yet in others her teeth have grown in as various segments with her were filmed over the course of the show's rigorous shooting schedule. It is here that viewers began noticing this discrepancy and soon the well kept secret of MacMurray's unique shooting plans were first publicised. One thing that continually irked Dawn Lyn in playing the role of Dodie, was just how outrageously short the dresses were that she was given to wear on the series. Why does it seem that all little girls on TV during this time period wore dresses so short that it raised up over their underwear if they reached their arms up above their heads? Dawn says that "Even at that young age, I was extremely embarrassed to be wearing dresses that short. I had no choice. The producers were trying to make me look younger than I was".

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