My Three Sons

Season 3 Episode 31

The System

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 1963 on ABC



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    • One easily forgets how extras are supposed to add atmosphere to the background of a scene. Whenever scenes are shot on a set dressed to look like a high school corridor, there are an inordinate number of extras used and usually seen walking the hallways past the regular cast members. Look closely in the background when Robbie and Hank are talking in the hallway and he suggests that Robbie's date looks like a tall Benjamin Franklin. If you look very quickly you will see that the background extras cast shadows on the wall in the hallway as they are not moving until given the cue to do so.

    • This would be the first of two co-written teleplays by series star Tim Considine and his older brother John, and would feature his eventual wife, actress Charlotte Stewart, to whom Tim was married from 1965-73. (See also Episode # 157).

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