My Three Sons

Season 6 Episode 5

There's a What in the Attic?

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1965 on ABC
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There's a What in the Attic?

An escaped circus lion makes a midnight call at the Douglas house, and Ernie sees it and awakens the understandably skeptical Steve who accompanies his new adopted son to investigate. Steve eventually sees the lion and nervously plays a game of tag with it, warning the family to keep their bedroom doors closed.


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  • There's A What In The Attic?

    Sorry but Ernie is NOT Steve's stepson. He is Steve's adopted son. A step child is the child of someone one marries. Like when later on Steve marries Barbara. Her daughter Dodie became Steve's step-daughter. But Ernie was just Steves son. Thats the sensitive decent way to refer to him. He shouldn't be treated (in reviews or anywhere) as a second class child. He IS Steve's son. period.

    I vaguely recall this episode. But since its been so long I can't really offer any real review. I just wanted to post a correction.moreless
Barry Livingston

Barry Livingston

Ernie Thompson Douglas (1963-72)

William Demarest

William Demarest

Uncle Charley O'Casey (1965-72)

Fred MacMurray

Fred MacMurray

Steve Douglas (1960-72)

Don Grady

Don Grady

Robbie Douglas (1960-71)

Stanley Livingston

Stanley Livingston

Chip Douglas (1960-72)

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    • While this is one of the most hilarious episodes of the show, it also has one of the most poignant moments. Newly adopted Ernie is suffering bouts of anxiety, feeling he is not being accepted as a full member of the family. Steve gently corrects him by pointing out that for the longest time, in the holder over the bathroom sink, there had been four toothbrushes--his, Mike's, Robbie's, and Chip's--but Mike, of course, had taken his with him, when he married Sally and moved away. Seeing only three toothbrushes in the holder, Steve explained, had given him a feeling of emptiness, that his family wasn't complete; and now, that there were four toothbrushes in the holder again, he felt all was right with his family again. (Special thanks to Adam Benson, Commander, US Navy for permission to quote this from a 'Sitcoms Online' messageboard)

    • Classic Steve Douglas quote when he smells a lion and not the family dog: 'Man Tramp, we're gonna have to give you a bath, you're getting a bit gamey!'.

    • This very funny episode shows how adept Fred MacMurray is at physical comedy. The scene where Steve shoos the family dog Tramp out of his bedroom, and then realizes that the hulking brute wandering about the house is not Tramp, who is barking outside, is an absolute riot.

    • Barry Livingston tells the following story about Fred MacMurray: "He was, in many ways, Steve Douglas. We were working with a doped up Lion. First of all Fred wouldn't allow any of the boys to take photos with the lion, because even though it was tranquilized, it still was a wild animal, and unpredictable. The lion got loose on the set; I don't know how but it just wandered away from its trainer, and it was wandering around on this cavernous soundstage that God knows where it could be, hiding in the Douglas bathroom or somewhere that we weren't shooting. Fred was the first person that came and rounded up 'his boys'; he was very protective that the boys didn't get eaten."