My Three Sons

ABC (ended 1972)




  • Season 2 Episode 3: The Crush

  • Series star Fred MacMurray occasionally excercised his top billing power (and half ownership in show) by trying to shape the scripts which were more often than not, already written well in advance.
    For this episode, Production Manager John Stephens recalls that in any given episode according to Fred, everything had to be completely accurate (read: believable) or he did not want to do it. In one particular scene in this episode, Mike's girlfriend is enamored of his father Steve. The next day in his office, Steve gets a phone call from this girl. Immediately MacMurray halted filming and said "Get John Stephens down here!" MacMurray explained that it would not be plausible to have the girl call Steve at the office - how would she know the number or even where he worked for that matter? Production Manager Stephens had to fully explain the logic behind this plot development. It is assumed that because he isn't at the studio for every scene being filmed, the girl would simply have asked Mike where her father worked. It usually satisfied Fred MacMurray if a logical explanation was provided to him. He felt this way because if a scene had no logic for the story to build to, then the show would ultimately lose credibility with the audience if they felt that they were somehow being manipulated.

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