My Three Sons

Season 5 Episode 36

Uncle Charley and the Redskins

Aired Unknown May 20, 1965 on ABC



  • Notes

    • Tim Considine's leaving the series left a void that was never completely filled. His body of work on the series showed what a great actor he was back then. Although he only appeared in the first five black & white seasons he remains the most talked about and arguably the favorite "son" of the show's fans. Don Fedderson should have tried alot harder to retain his services! When Tim left the show he had alot of other things up his sleeve... photography, touring for a year with Pele and the Cosmos, getting married in real life (to actress Charlotte Stewart), auto racing and writing about it. Flash forward to current times and at 64 years old Tim is a respected sports photographer and auto racing expert. His most recent book, "American Grand Prix Racing", a history of U.S. drivers in Grand Prix events, was published in 1997. I guess it is a safe bet that he never thought his enduring popularity would outlive his actual acting career! As for Meredith MacRae, daughter of movie star Gordon MacRae, she continued acting and in the 1980s hosted a morning talk show in Los Angeles. Sadly, she died in July, 2000 from complications with brain cancer, aged 56.

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