My Two Dads

NBC (ended 1990)


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  • Cool

    Two men end up inheriting the child of a women whom they both used to date. One of the men is the father but no one knows who. Tests were never done. They both just decided to take in this young girl and raise her-all living in the same loft. The two dads are supposed to be the epitamy of opposites as one is a business man and the other is an artist. They face turmoils by trying to raise this child together with completely different veiw points. I do remember towards the end of the shows run there was an episode in which they have a paternity tests done- but the the child (now a teen) Nicole decides she would rather not know because both are truly her dad.
  • It was Ok, kinda like Blossom feel but with 2 Dads

    I didn't really understand why there were 2 Dads. I just assumed one was the roommate and the other was the Father. I don't really remember this show a lot because I came on when I was young, what I do know was that this show was only mildly entertaining. Not very memorable.
  • Little Gem of '80s-'90s???

    I enjoyed this show in summer of 1994, it was quite funny and the 2 Dads were funny and serious at the same time (by the way , they had to be opposite roles , didn't they??),especially Reiser , i Loved Him!

    And i had a little crush for the Daughter.... i was 12 , afeter all!

    and i seen much worse series,tough...
  • Let's face it, it wasn't a show that was going to win any awards. However, it was good for passing the time for a half hour with a mindless show.

    Looking back at it, it may be a show that Paul Reiser regrets agreeing to be in. I really don't think it was that bad of a show, though. It only lasted three seasons or so, and it definitely was pretty cheesy, but it was mildly entertaining at the same time.

    The whole show revolved around a girl who lived with two guys who happened to be friends, but one of them was her real biological father. The catch was that neither one of them nor the daughter actually knew which guy was the real father. Nevermind that the mother of this girl was obviously a little loose to be sleeping with both of these guys in such a small time span, that's not the issue.

    Dick Butkus played the guy downstairs who owned the restaurant in the first level of the apartment building, and was usually good for some advice. A kid named Cory played Staci Keanen's love interest, to which I can't believe any boy with that tight of curly hair could nab a chick who was as good looking as her. Ah it's Hollywood, who am I to make sense of such things?

    It was a guilty pleasure then and it still would be if I saw it come on TV. I haven't seen it for years though, and I don't think the DVD collection will be hitting store shelves either.