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  • misogynist

    gave a one because 0 wasn't an option, after Damon's comments about rape victims, hope i never see him in a tv show again!

    best comedy series ever watched. why did they wind it up? they should have keep making more seasons. i just loved it completely. all the 5 seasons, every episodes i have watched more than 5 times. just love damon waynes and his show. cheers!
  • Damon Waynes seems nice, but he made one crappy show

    He plays a 30 something man who, I'm pretty sure literally, dub himself the king of the house. The bald headed, unlikable, unreasonable, disrespectful, idiot of a king of the house. He deliberately calls his son stupid instead of doing the opposite and telling him he need to work hard, his relationship with his oldest daughter, Clair, is the cliched father-daughter love/hate, mainly hate relationship we've seen before, he barely listens to his wife and is only (how can I put this?) "nice" to his youngest daughter, Katie; almost as if he loves her more than his other children. Aside from the episode where the torture porn fell on him, he gets no consequences for his actions. I don't recommend you watching this unless you're in the mood to watch 3 kids and a full grown woman being undermined by this man.
  • Top Shows - One of my most favorite sitcoms

    Complete (03-13)
  • One of my favourite shows

    Love it, love it, love it! I miss it so much..
  • My childhood

    I love it ! My wife and kids is the first sitcom I have ever seen !
  • Too corny

    I'd say this show is too corny. I mean this is a african american family tv show. The way the show is made makes it so corny. No black/african american families act like this on tv. Now if you compare Everybody Hates Chris to this show you would know what I'm talking about. The mom (Jay) is way too annoying. She complains about every little thing with her relationship and kids. Then they have episodes where she calls a special docter to help solve their relationship problems which is corny. What couple calls for help. Jr is stupid af, and so is Clair, and katie is just not cute at all. The way the little girl katie act is not even how most little kids act.
  • best comedy sitcom ever!

    I've been a huge fan of Damon Wayans since I saw this TV sitcom. Watching My Wife and Kids made me laugh all the time because there are lots of funny moments in this series. Overall, I simply love this show for being awesome! It's funnier than other comedy shows. I've been dying to watch this hilarious show all over again and took a chance to grab a copy from online DVD shops. Well, I got scammed before so it's really hard to find a good and trustworthy company. My officemate recommended a reliable seller. I purchased my order at . My order was delivered in a very prompt manner. It was a good set and the quality is absolutely great! I'm very happy and proud with this DVD collection because watching this series again will surely remind of the good old funny days!
  • Horrible Show For Kids!

    I can't believe the network actually has this show on a family network! It could not be further from a family show than it already is. The charecters are degrading to the children. They have no values. They constanley talk about sex and Porn specifically. It is a show I turn EVERY time it starts to come on my television. It is to say the least a bunch of trash. I can't believe people have actually reviewed this as funny and a cute show. Who in their right mind lets their child sit down and watch a father and son fight over their porn collections! Or thinks its cute to see a father call his child a knuckle head in a degrading manner then tell her to pore her cereal on the floor so the maid has more work to do!! Sick people are writing this and even sicker people are watching it! Needs to be yanked off air and put on a diffrent network. I shouldn't have to sensory nickelodeon. I watch true blood, being human and other ADULT shows and they are on networks they belong on. I'm so mad and hate nick for this.
  • I'm sorry fans but this is just another Goerge Lopez.

    OK Now i don't watch nick at nite because now they have shows like this airing. Now i'd rather watch this than the George Lopez crap. I can at least get a good laugh out of this show. Now probably my favorite character is the dad (I forgot his name), he always gets me a good laugh and he just hilarious. Now my least favorite character is probably Jr. He is stupid in the annoying way. Now The characters I like are Jay and Franklin but the kids are just annoying and childish. Now the only kid I like is Franklin, i can get a good laugh out of him sometimes, but hes annoying when he's flirting with the little girl. Now the couples with the kids are just flipping snnoying. Now i think Jr and his girlfriend make a good couple but with older girl and Tony do not. Now dont even get my started with Franklin and the younger girl. Now the old episode are probably the best but the new episodes just suck.Now I mean the old episode are just ok but they're not funny either. But like I said i'd rather watch this than George Lopez. Now this is just a bad show. Overall 3.5/10.
  • Probably one of the funniest sitcoms out there

    This show is hilarious. I like watching this show cuz it makes me laugh like nonstop. The only thing about this show I dont really like r some of the characters kind of irritate me but not all the time just some of the time. But I cant really say much since if they didnt have the characters it wouldnt be much of a family sitcom or whatever. The things I find the funniest about this show r when Michael makes fun of his son Junior. But yeah this has to be the funniest sitcom I've seen out there.
  • This show's not exactly what I call 'funny'. Thank God it finally ended. How in the world did this last for 4 entire Seasons? Anyone??

    I just don't get it. Shows like these stay on the air for 4 whole Seasons although it's not even the least bit funny. The jokes a predictable and the humor's anything but hilarious.

    Nevertheless, ABC held on to the show and renewed it for 4 Seasons, overall. There you have it: ABC's simply more patient with its shows. I can't imagine that this show had good ratings, average probably, but certainly not good!

    FOX can learn something from ABC here: they hold on to shows, which they think could be successful in the future (though this one may not be the perfect example).

    'My Wife and Kids' stays on the air and real well-written and funny shows like 'Undeclared', for example, get cancelled after only 16 episodes. That's a mystery to me!
  • Michael Kyle longs for a traditional life, but his day-trader wife Janet, gangsta rap-worshipping son Michael Jr., and brooding daughters Claire and Kady make his dream just that ... a dream.

    This programme has an amazing cast which includes: Damon Wayans as the bald tough head father Michael Kyle Tisha Campbell-Martin as the feisty momma Janet 'Jay' Kyle George O Gore II as the dumb kid Michael Kyle Jr A.K.A Jr. Jennifer Nicole Freeman as the troublemaker teenager Claire Kyle and Parker Mckenna Posey as the cute youngster Kady Kyle. Damon Wayans is the creator/writer/producer (i think) he like Will and Jada has put his life on the screen, he has his family which include his son Damon Wayans Jr and Michael Wayans and many more helping him make this programme right and they have done it this is just basically a dysfunctional family with love between Michae and Jay. Hate between a brother and his sisters. With all the trouble that either Claire, Jr or/and Kady get into Michael thinks he can somehow sort it out with very different ways than normal fathers do Jay and the family sometimes help him out in what he calls Michael Kyle signature moments.
  • a worthless load of horse crap that should have never been broadcast

    this show was too family oriented, there was no sex, drugs, alcohol, condoms, homosexuality, lesbianism, prostitutes, racial slurs (black or white), no husband and wife tenderness (aka animal sex inuendos), none of the good stuff was in this hunk of garbage that ABC broadcast for some stupid screwed up reason, this show should burn in the bottom of the barrel at the headquarters for ABC television network
  • The show degrades the Chinese culture in the episode when Junior sold his car to get money for his baby's future college education.

    The show degrades the Chinese culture in the episode when Junior sold his car to get money for his baby's future college education. This is portrayed when Franklin and Michael "spoke in Cantonese" to the chinese couple. It was complete gibberish! It is a insult to the Chinese people watching the show. It is also ironic that if Franklin was so smart he would have known how to speak the language.

    In addition, the ending of the episode was not at the least humorous.

    I have seen other episodes of "My Wife and Kids" which were slightly better than this episode but they weren't funny either. What I have to say is that if you want to watch a comedy, watch "Yes, Dear." It's a corny title but it gets my votes.
  • stop reviewing before watching

    Im so angry reading this other reviews, how they rate the show down, and then at the end they admit the watched 1 or 2 episodes, guess what, i didnt like the show either when i started, i watched about 10 more, was my favorite show. obviously you all dont know how to review.

    And, the word minimum for reviews is really annoying, so . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • The most hilarious sitcom to ever air on ABC Family

    I think that "My Wife and Kids" is the most hilarious sitcom to ever air on ABC Family. I wish that this show didn't cancel on ABC Family because this show made me laugh so hard but I am happy that they are airing the reruns on Nick@Nite. The funny thing is that I predicted that My Wife and Kids would be on Nick@Nite one day and then it came true. I think that Michael is a very funny character and cracks me up. Jay is also a funny character but she can get on my nerves being mad at Michael for no reason sometimes and Michael has to be the person to say sorry to her. Junior is also a funny character because he is so stupid that he is funny. I think Claire is a pretty character and is pretty funny as well but I don't like her sometimes because she thinks that her parents are stupid and don't think they can catch her sneaking out of the house or whatever. Kady is a cute character as well and she is also funny. I also love that character Franklin because he is so funny as well. I just wish that Franklin was in the earlier "My Wife and Kids" episodes but at least he is in most of the later episodes of "My Wife and Kids". I think that the characters are funny, and most of the storylines are well written and very funny. Overall, the most hilarious show to ever air on ABC Family. 10/10
  • Great Show for Adults Only. ABC mistakenly labeled it as a Family Program. It was the first show to show a family as deadly serial survivalists

    This show is about a family the kyles. They are serial killers living in a futuristic version of Mexico. They together as a family find people crossing the border and kill them usually through cannibalism or blow darts. Most of the shows plots revolve around jobs or competition within the family on who is a better survivalist. After season 3 the show took some turns. A new character was introduced, Georgia. He was half man half sewer rat, but had intense hunting skills so he became part of the pack. The show under its surface has some heart and shows Damon Wayans fighting skills. This show caused much controversy when it premiered but developed a strong fan base.
  • It's ok

    This show is ok for the most part. It reminds me of Family Matters and other family sitcoms like it, but it's not quite as funny as those shows. The characters are original, but none of them particularly stand out or are hilarious. The plots range from ok to annoying, and this really doesn't help the show a whole lot. It can be funny at times, but it's hilariously funny. Again, I've only seen a couple episodes, so maybe I'm being a little rushed in judgement, but I just think it's an average show. That's it for my review of My Wife and Kids. 6.5/10 D+
  • what i thought

    i loved it and its was funny and very educative it also shows how a family come together and how their relationship is soo strong
    a great way to learn bout family even if its not reality but its sterostypin and i think we can all learn from it and that kind of thing happen sons and daughter gettin pregnannt and you all have to deal with it and it also a great way of watchin comedy very entertainin talk about killin one bird with 2 stones cause you wouldnt see this kind of thing soo its good to have a chnage and see howother people would handle things
  • just okay

    I remember liking this show, but when i saw it recently I cant remember why i did its not that funny the characters are not that great and the little neighbor kid still really bugs me. I remember when it was canceled i was really mad but now i realize how much your taste in tv shows really changes when you grow up this wasn't even close to being a good show. I like what the Wayan's brothers have done but this is not one of them this and white chicks is probably the worst things the Wayan's family has done.
  • not great, not my cup of tea

    i only watch this show every now and then, but i don't really like it. i don't really find much humor and i do not really care for the plots of the episodes. but i have only seen a few episodes, maybe if i saw more i might like it more or something, i do not know. but really, right now i see no humor {or very little}, so my grade as a whole is a C+ or so. It's average like most family sitcoms, but it isn't too terribly original or anything to get above a C, in my books
  • Not bad.

    I never have watched this show on a regular basis. From my memory, I've seen the show just a couple of times. It is kind of entertaining, but it's just not my kind of show. From what I've seen, the show has some okay comedy, okay acting, but very predictable humor and punchlines. I have recalled getting bored rather quickly. I can't say that I have enjoyed every minute of it. One thing that I can't help but admit is the fact that this show is a fair show in terms of entertainment value. Overall, not in my must-see list. Thank you.
  • The first 'current' funny thing I had watched during highschool (before this it was Fresh Prince which was way past its time) with a typical American family and the usual - how hard it is to handle kids scenario.

    Great show for the first season or 2. Only when Franklin comes in does it slowly go into decline and then plumit to its end. I say this because I used to love this show, and the last season or 2, although it had some funny bits, were generally a lot of repetition of old jokes with the "er Nah" and "anyhoo" continuing through almost all of the episodes. Thats why it will never be a classic in my view, but still good to watch the first 2 seasons even as reruns. Otherwise overrated in terms of the programme as a whole.
  • Very funny show

    Flipping through channels, I was very entertained with the first 4 minutes that I watched of this show that I decided to go ahead and keep watching the rest of it, and there were more and more laughs that kept coming. This is definitely a very entertaining show and I am sure that I will keep watching it when its on TV. The situations are realistic and funny, and the dad's reaction to these events is extremely hilarious, and so is the mother's in some of the cases. This show, despite being only reruns now, is surely worth watching a few more episodes.
  • The only "Re-Run" show I ever watch.

    I'm going to go strait to the point. My Wife And Kids is a great show. Micheal Kyle is the main character obviously, and boy does he do a great job at that. All the characters including Jay, Micheal, Jr., Vannessa, Katie, and even Franklin, the little know-it-all. I don't know if anyone remembers but I just loved the episode where Micheal ends up buying a slot machine and both Mr. Kyle and Jr. get addicted. Jr. ends up losing up all his money, and learns a lesson don't underestimate the power of the slots. :) Now that I just thought about it, this should have gone under an episode review. Oh, well. Overall, My Wife And Kids get a 9.2 for "guniusness."
  • My Wife and Kids

    My Wife and Kids is a popular film and television star Damon Wayans stars as Michael Kyle, a loving husband and modern-day patriarch who rules his household with a unique and distinct parenting style. As he teaches his three children some of life's lessons, he does so with his own brand of wisdom, discipline and humor. Now that Jr. and his girlfriend, Vanessa, are parents of a baby boy, Michael and his loving wife, Jay, are proud but young grandparents, and are adjusting to their new roles. Not only are they trying to help their son become a responsible father, but they want to help the teenaged couple make some important decisions in their lives. They all seem to have their own opinion when it comes to answering such questions like: Should the new parents continue to live in the Kyle garage? Should they get engaged or married? Will the new baby make Jr., who is terrified in his role as a new dad, act any smarter?

    While trying to turn his son into a man, Michael begins to look at where his own life has taken him and wonders if he should make some changes. Jay, who also starts to question her purpose in life, pursues her educational goals and, along the way, decides to open a restaurant. Meanwhile, oldest daughter Claire's relationship with Tony, the odd and oddly endearing bible thumper, has endured. Claire is now a high school senior and is more than ready to do all the things that come along with that special time in life.

    Little Kady feels a bit threatened by the new baby's presence, and her family is there to help her get over any insecurities. She continues her friendship with the young piano virtuoso, Franklin, who often complicates Michael's life. The boy sensed an opening in the family with Jr.'s impending graduation into adulthood, and Franklin is still trying to weasel his way into becoming the "good new son."

    Michael can only hope his parental advice, mixed with witty humor, will steer his children to act responsibly. Through it all, Jr., Claire and Kady know they can turn to their father when they need his guidance. Sometimes it seems as though, even without their asking, Dad knows ahead of time what they might need, and he's only too happy to provide direction -- often to their chagrin.

    My Wife and Kids is a great comedy movie.
  • Decent Show

    My wife and kids is a good show i think. It has a good story some fairly funny lines. Sometimes the show is stupid especially in some of the newer seasons but sometimes stupid is funny. In the First couple of seasons Jr. wasn't really stupid but as he got older he became extremely dumb same goes for Clarie really. If theres one thing that I probably don't like would be the way that its nearly always the same thing Micheal does something wrong Jay disagrees, he apologises but its still fun to watch.

    The only thing about this show that i really really dont like is how they ended the show with a cliff hanger that really gets on my nerves when they just end it like that and you dont know what happens.
  • this show was drop at the wrong time.

    This show was love by all and is still loved by many.Why is it always the great family show for black folks that get the can? Our kids were getting a great role model.And some were getting a look at a better way of life. They really needed this show and it was taking away to soon.Who was the brains behind this is the question i would like to know?I and so hurt that everytime i give my all to a show that truly has a feel good theme and uplifing it is drop by who? I don"t know who
  • it has everyday situations e.g. pregnancy, drugs and money, and talks about the responsibilities of them in a very funny and unpredictable way. and the father of the house teaches about responsibility and all other stuff but gets it to them in a funny way

    this TV show should be brought back onto TV because every time i watch it i burst out with laughter! most of the episodes are funny, but i enjoy the ones with the new Clair in them, because it shows more of a family instead of the old one, and also because the new Clair is much more funny and dopey then the old one who was a normal teenager with no good qualities. my favorite character would have to be junior mainly because he is a funny, dimwitted, normal average teenager who doesn't no anything in life, and always gets clapped at the back of the head in every episode! lol!
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