My World and Welcome to It

NBC (ended 1970)


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  • A show that deserved better than it got

    Despite the fact that it only ran for one year, I believe that "My World and Welcome to It" deserves the title of a classic. Its form was innovative, its humor wry and understated, and its execution flawless. The combination of animation and live action wasn't totally new, but it had never been used in quite the same way this show did. The Thurber drawings might not be the first one might think of animating, but they turned out to be a perfect way to tell these stories. I also liked the use of talking to the camera; of course, it's been seen elsewhere, from the old "Burns and Allen" show to "It's Gary Shandling's Show," but never has it felt more natural and uneffected.

    Something should also be said about William Windom's Emmy-winning performance as John Monroe. Windom was the perfect choice to play a Thurber-like character, a man who was both world-weary and vividly imaginative. It was the role of a lifetime for him, and he ought to have had the opportunity to have played it much longer.

    I will be very happy when and if someone finally releases this show on DVD. I haven't seen it in almost 35 years, and I would love the chance to visit the Monroes once again.