M.Y.O.B. - Season 1

NBC (ended 2000)


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  • Arms Akimbo
    Arms Akimbo
    Episode 8
  • Out of Africa
    Out of Africa
    Episode 7
  • Coming to America
    Coming to America
    Episode 6
    Opal goes to great lengths to sponsor a needy foreign exchange student. Riley discovers the girl is a scam artist who's pregnant, and wants her child to be an American citizen. Riley must choose between protecting Opal and ratting out her new friend. (NBC)
  • Paper Chase
    Paper Chase
    Episode 5
    Opal is sick of having Riley scrutinize her every move around Mitch, and she's getting flack from the faculty that Riley's uncontrollable. She asks Mitch to help her, and he suggests Riley enroll in work-study. Riley thinks Opal's trying to get rid of her, and uses Mitch to wangle a job as her office assistant. (NBC)moreless
  • Basic Instinct
    Basic Instinct
    Episode 4
    Opal has to face the board as the new principal on Open Night. Opal finds out from Lisa Overbeck that Mitch had never signed his divorce papers, so he was still technically married while dating Opal. Now, Mitch wants Opal back. Riley finds out Evan, her new boyfriend, is still involved with Cynthia, his girlfriend from last year. Riley begins to see that she might have something in common with Opal after all.moreless
  • French Connection
    French Connection
    Episode 3
    Riley finds an old diary in Opal's attic. Assuming it belonged to Pearl; Riley hopes it will hold the truth about her parentage. There is only one problem, it's written in French. Riley relies on her greatest strength, trickery, to get the diary translated.
  • Boys in the Band
    Boys in the Band
    Episode 2
    Riley discovers a teacher, Opal's best friend, is having an affair with a student. In order to save Opal's friend's job, Riley coerces the student, whom she knows is gay, into coming out of the closet. Riley begins to examine her own love possibilities in her new situation.
  • The Bad Seed
    The Bad Seed
    Episode 1
    Riley, armed with what is probably an illegally obtained copy of her birth certificate, sets out to find her mother. After being picked up by an older man at the Airport, who promises her food, Riley soon finds herself in a difficult situation. Not to worry though, Riley knows just where to put the tooth pick from her sandwich, making her get away. She soon finds Opal, whom she believes to be her aunt. Although wary of the young stranger, Opal does try to find out if this is her sister Pearl's child. When Pearl responds by email from Finland, where she lives with her Guru, she claims she is not Riley's mother. Opal, apparently having more faith in Riley than her own sister, allows Riley to stay with her while they try to find the truth. Opal, however, has problems of her own. Although, she is next in line for the job when the principal drops dead, her ex-boyfriend (Mitch) is given the position. Until, that is, Riley sees the school superintendent on TV. After making a phone call to the man who had bought her a sandwich earlier in the show, Opal is suddenly given the job after all.moreless