Myself; Yourself

Chiba TV (ended 2007)




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Myself; Yourself

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Sana left his home town with his parents. Before he left his four friends gave him a present. From Aoi he received a cake. From Syusuke he recieved a fishing lure. From his friend Syuri he receive a knitted glove. From his friend Nanaka he received a song, although unfinished one she promised to have finished the next time they meet. Five years later he returns to find that not much has changed. Upon going to the town shrine he notices a girl watching and thinks nothing of it. Soon he finds out he will be staying in a apartment owned by his friend Aoi's mother. The next day he finds out he finds he has class with his friends Syusuke and Syuri. Later on he notices the girl from the shrine and introduces himself to her only to be slapped. Sana then realizes that the girl is actually Nanaka.

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Animation, Drama


Anime, Family Dramas, Soap Opera, Love & Romance