Myself; Yourself

Chiba TV (ended 2007)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Bonds
      Episode 13
      Nanaka recalls that on the night of the fire and a memories around it. Accepting it for what it is, it appears as if she has decided to leave it behind and get closer to Sana.
    • Mark
      Episode 13
      Nanaka's finally remembers what happened the night of the fire. The culprit was Nanaka's father, who had started it to kill himself and Nanaka's mother. As the days pass Nanaka shuts herself in her room, even though Sana tries to visit her every day, she refuses to see him. That is until Sana visits one day and realizes Nanaka is attempting to commit suicide. Can he save her before it is to late, and what does Sana's watch have to do with this?moreless
    • Memories in Red
      Memories in Red
      Episode 12
      With feelings low due to Syuri and Syusuke leaving, everyone decided to go to the river to take their minds away from what had just happened. However, before they headed off, Sana received an interesting phone call...
    • Red Memory
      Red Memory
      Episode 12
      With Syuu and Syuri gone, things aren't the same anymore. Sana is frustrated about Syuu not telling him anything before he left, but is surprised when he recieves some fishing equipment in the mail. The next day Sana invites Nanaka and Aoi on a trip to the river again, but when the day of the trip arrives, Aoi cancels on them leaving Sana and Nanaka to by themselves. Will this bring the two closer?moreless
    • Confession
      Episode 11
      When Sana goes to visit Asami in the hospital, he is shocked to learn who is the culprit behind the mysterious letter and the love umbrella. Later that day Syuri informs everyone of her depature to London. While Syuri is telling everyone Syusuke is oddly quite. Could Syuri's depature not be the only one?moreless
    • For the Sakuras
      For the Sakuras
      Episode 10
      Syuri and Syuu go and visit their mother's grave, then go shopping. The next day at school, they learn that someone sent an anonymous to their school, saying they went into a hotel together. Who sent the letter and why?
    • Good Luck! Animenger!
      The whole gang heads to the theme park, where they meet Asami and her cousin. After they all meet up they decide to head off and watch a "Hero Show" prompting Nanaka to talk to Sana as they ride the ferris wheel.
    • Do Your Best! Animenger!
      After what happened the previous day, Nanaka is trying to think of a way to apologize to Sana but she just can’t seem to find the opportunity to do it. Later something triggers Nanaka’s memories and she has flashbacks of the past and begins to have doubts about her Uncle. The next day they all go the Theme Park.moreless
    • The Secret Mailbox
      Nanaka acts coldly towards Sana the following day, even after Sana tries to explain things. Sana comes upon an old mailbox that Sana and Nanaka used for private communication in their youth, and finds dozens of letters...
    • Secret Post
      Secret Post
      Episode 8
      Syuri returns to class as if nothing had happened. Although things may be good for her, things are going to well between Sana and Nanaka as Nanaka admits seeing Sana and Asami together. As Sana tries to think of a way to patch things up, he remembers a mailbox he and Nanaka used to exchange messages through. What does the mailbox contain after 5 years, and will it help Sana understand what happened to Nanaka?moreless
    • Teacher's Caramel
      During lunch one day, Syuri shows the group a petition. The petition is to stop the city from using a nature park as site for the new city hall. Everyone agrees to sign and pass it around. Unknown to everyone, except Syusuke, the person behind building the new city hall is Syusuke and Syuri's father. What is so important about the park, that Syuri would be willing to go against her father?moreless
    • Grown Up
      Grown Up
      Episode 6
      When Hinako arrives home from school, she finds a note from her mother saying she will be gone for a day. After much thought Hinako packs up her stuff and leaves. At Sana's apartment, he gets a big surprise when none other then Hinako shows up at his doorstep. Things go from bad to worse when Sana walks in on Hinako changing and Hinako tries to cook dinner. Can the two live together? What is Hinako's reason for leaving home?moreless
    • Non-blooming Sakura Blossoms
      "Nanaka begins to spend increasing amounts of time practicing for the upcoming festival at the temple, where she will perform a traditional dance so the sakura will bloom that year. Unexpectedly, she ditches practice to go with Sana, Syuri, and Asami to help at a retirement home. And a the day of the festival, everyone watches Nanaka perform her dance, including Sana..."moreless
    • Unblooming Cherry Tree
      The Sakura Festival is about to start at the temple and Nanaka will be doing the Sakura dance. Because she has to prepare for the dance Nanaka doesn’t have time to do anything else, but after seeing Sana and Asami shopping together Nanaka makes time to go to an elderly home with them. While they are at the elderly home an old woman mistakenly thinks Nanaka is her granddaughter, who looked like Nanaka and played the violin too. When Sana asks Nanaka to play for the women she quickly refuses. What happened to Nanaka that she wouldn’t want to play?moreless
    • No Longer a Child
      As Syusuke is returning from kendo practice he notices some boys picking on a girl named Hinako. After saving the girl Syusuke runs off to chase after the boys. Soon Hinako starts showing up at the groups school to meet with them. After showing up many times Hinako confides to Sana and Aoi that she likes Syusuke. The only problem is Hinako is only in elementary school while Syusuke is in high school.moreless
    • Cookies and Pebbles
      Syusuke and Syuri decide that they need to find a way to bridge the gap between Sana and Nanaka. After much thought, the two decide the group needs to take trip Kotsuchi River where they spent a lot of their time as kids. Sana makes things near impossible when he accidentally crushes Nanaka's compact then invites Asami to tag along with the group. Will the gap between Sana and Nanaka widen or will Sana make up for it in the end?moreless
    • The Important Melody
      The next day Sana heads to school trying to think of a way to get Nanaka to forgive him. The problem is she won't even talk to him because he didn't recognise her. When their class needs representatives the teacher selects Nanaka to be one while Syusuke nominates Sana to cover his own hide. Will this give Sana the chance to apologize or does Nanaka's anger towards him have no bounds?moreless
    • The Place of Memories
      Sana moved away from his old town five years ago with his parent. Now he has returned and has begun to meet up with his friends again. He runs into them in really odd situations, from living in an apartment own by one, to having class with two more. The real surprise doesn't hit him until he meets the last one after she smacks him.moreless
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