Mysteries at the Museum

Friday 9:00 PM on Travel Channel Premiered Oct 04, 2011 In Season


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  • s11 ep 5 the counterfeit money with Sir Issac Newton in 1690

    This episode show how Sir Issac Newton figured out how the counterfeiters were getting away with making the fake coins. When he figures out how and who was responsible he said a man that was an employee of the English mint. He said his name was William Challender this crime dates back to 1690. He was found guilty and sentenced to hang in March 1699. My question is how do I find out how the last name was spelled of William Challender? If the spelling is exactly how I spelled it the man is a ancestor of my family tree. We are from England and we were able to go back as far as 1727 a Stacy Challender I would love to find out. Any suggestions on how to confirm this?
  • In search of

    I'm looking for an episode about a jewelry heist. I believe my son was one of the actors in the segment.
  • I love it !!

    I love shows like this that explain odd things.