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Laura Diamond (Debra Messing) is a brilliant, no-nonsense NYPD homicide detective who tries to maintain a sense of balance between work and her crazy home life. At home she deals with incorrigible twin boys and her soon to be ex who can't seem to find the time to sign the divorce papers.   Executive producers include Greg Berlanti , Aaron Kaplan, Todd Lituchy and Sarah Schechter. The Mysteries of Laura is produced by Berlanti Productions and Kapital Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television. The series was developed by Jeff Rake from Los Misterios de Laura, created by Carlos Vila, Javier Holgado and Gregorio Quintana de Uña for Boomerang TV and TVE1 Spain.


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  • Meg Steedle

    Meg Steedle

    Detective Francesca 'Frankie' Pulaski

    Debra Messing

    Debra Messing

    Detective Laura Diamond

    Josh Lucas

    Josh Lucas

    Lieutenant Jake Broderick

    Janina Gavankar

    Janina Gavankar

    Detective Meredith Bose

    Laz Alonso

    Laz Alonso

    Detective Billy Soto

    Max Jenkins

    Max Jenkins

    Max Carnegie

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    • Love it, Love it, love it.

      Love this show, love Debra Messing, great cast, most enjoyable, its happy, sad has everything you need all in one show, keep it coming, cant wait foe season 3
    • Like this show

      Keeps your attention, really it stays
    • I love it.

      Truthfully this is the most incredible show I have ever seen. I have always loved crime shows. Every time I would scroll through my channels I would specifically go to something such as Law & Order or CSI. However this show just is amazing. The actors glue my eyes to my television. They are very talented in their ways of acting. They work 24/7 to put on a perfect show for everyone. They do not just mess around like in the bad girls club or something. They take their job serious they deserve to be acknowledged. Debra Messing and Josh Lucas fit the roles perfectly. They show that even though you are divorced it does not mean you have to be alone. They show that love conquers all. With every bad thing comes a good thing. Although this is just a show not reality it truly made me want to be involved with criminal justice. It is my goal in life. The actors in this show just have an excellent way of conveying their feelings. The Mysteries of Laura shows reality. People get divorced all the time while they have children. Is it right? Not all the time. However The Mysteries of Laura shows reality. Stuff that takes place in this show really takes place in life all over the world. Just because you do not see it where you are from does not mean it does not happen. It happens all the time. I honestly encourage anyone and everyone to give this show a chance. Not only will it give you a laugh, it may inspire you.moreless
    • Thus far Season 1

      Love it! I will catch up on season 2 on Netflix when available. I really hope she does not dump Tony for her womanizing ex. Bad message to men and to her sons (if it was real life). Adore Debra Messing's acting.
    • Season 2 needs to get back to season 1 standards

      Okay this is going to be a long review because I've a lot to say.

      Season 1 of this show was fantastic. It was sharp. The writing was on point with well thought out stories, tight dialog, clean logical plot lines, and good backstory. Each episode was a gem with never a disappointing installment. Even the end of season finale lived up to ever escalating expectations. In short, it was a glorious introduction to Laura Diamond... who lived up to her name in every way. It was as if Hollywood had resurrected the spirit of Columbo and packed him into a new gender for a new generation.

      Fast forward to Season 2.

      It's not just as if the writing staff had been struck repeatedly with the "stupid" stick... no! it's as if they fell out of the "stupid tree" and hit every branch on the way down ... or the entire staff has been killed in a bus crash while on a victory tour up and down the coast and has been replaced with a rasher of pod people who were specially bred to be unable to write a decent and comprehensible storyline or backstory. ... and that's putting it mildly.

      The season opener starts with Jake having been somehow "demoted" to being Laura's partner (never mind the complete impossibility of such a thing (Police depts do not allow spouses or especially ex spouses to be partners)) after having been shot last season, but the writers decide to introduce a thoroughly unlikable and impossibly contrary female captain... riiiight. Writers... you need to learn to self edit your bad ideas. My suggestion, have her demoted and put her in the bullpen as a rival to Laura... and put Jake back in as captain. The female rival would be a lot more interesting than this bitchy captain that everyone seems to dislike. Then on top of it we have baddly written episodes. Episode 1 was a disaster, I'm not even going to discuss it... it was THAT bad. Episode 3 followed this trend with thoroughly illogical leaps by the characters. Ex. Laura somehow arrives at the assumption that the husband in the episode is a wife beater with absolutely zero supporting evidence and pursues that line of reasoning without hesitation or care. Wow. Never mind the none stop man bashing, I could go into multiple paragraphs about that, but I'll forego. Needless to say. I'm really losing interest in season 2 of this show.

      My suggestions to the writers.

      1. Tighten the heck up out of your storylines

      2. Cut the man bashing

      3. Stop the nonsense anti logic. return to having the characters track down clues, not make gut assumptions without evidence

      4. Get Jake back into his capt role and OUT of being her partner. This was a bad idea. Fix it!

      5. Lose the new opening sequence... the original opening was a nice combination of cute (the kids stuff in her purse) and no nonsense (the bullets and police stuff)

      Were it me in charge, I'd be rounding up the writing staff and asking them what happened over hiatus... and was peyote involved... because DA*M, people!

      In short, Clue in Write staff, you're ruining a good show by screwing with a winning formula. Coke's experience with experimentation should be an object lesson to you.moreless
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