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Mysteries Of The Bible
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Mysteries of the Bible was a show that took different topics of the Bible and professors, archaeologists and the like would discuss the topic.
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  • You don't have to be religious to enjoy this show!

    Mysteries of the Bible was a truly great series. It took a historical approach to the Bible and attempted to use archaeological findings and other resources to validate or invalidate the words of the Bible. A huge part of what mades this show so great was that it could appeal to everyone, regardless of their religious background. The specialists they interviewed looked at independent findings without bias and objectively reported on how consistent these findings are with what is stated in the Bible. Furthermore, the show employed guests from a wide range of studies to help support its claims and shed light on the great mysteries that the Bible contains. This show is a must-see for anyone who even dabbles in history, regardless of his or her religious beliefs.moreless
  • Beguiling and informative, this series introduces the cultural and theological background of Bible stories.

    A&E's stirring series delves into the roots of tales in the Bible. Far more than repetition, they give you a full analysis with commentary from historians and religious scholars. Learn what motivated the people of ancient societies; listen as the top minds in theology and anthropology relate the tales of heroes, battles and traditions that continue to make an impact on readers around the world every day. You'll get the perspectives of different religions, for a mixture that means you'll truly learn something every time.

    Featuring the tasteful and engaging narration of hosts Richard Kiley and Jean Simmons, the series is as interesting to listen to as it is to watch.

    No matter what your beliefs, 'Mysteries of the Bible' should prove one of the most enjoyable documentaries you will see on television.moreless

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