Mysterious Island

Season 1 Episode 4

White Water

Aired Unknown Jul 06, 1995 on Family



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    • Neb: You're quite know that?
      Gideon: Just British....hard to tell the difference sometimes, of course.

    • Gideon: Neb, give me your hand!
      Neb: ( trying to hold on in raging water) I'll take you with me!
      Gideon: I shall be very cross if you do! (stretches out hand) Now, take a hold!

    • Captain: You're very perceptive, Mrs. Pencroft. The past is behind us...we can't change it. That's the tragedy......

    • Jack: ( referring to the Captain) I always think it's best to humor a man when he's going mad.
      Joanna: He's not going mad! He's just under a lot of strain.
      Jack: So are we all....

    • Spilett: (looking over contents of chest) It 's almost as though something or someone has anticipated our needs.
      Captain: Our needs or theirs, Mr. Spilett.

    • Neb: Captain, why didn't you say anything when you threw me the vines?
      Captain: Heh....because it wasn't us who threw it, Neb.
      Neb: Then.....?
      Captain: That's something we'd all like the answer to, Neb.

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