Mysterious Ways

Season 1 Episode 1

Amazing Grace

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 24, 2000 on NBC



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    • Declan: I don't know why bad things happen, Peggy. Or good things, for that matter. Reasons aren't always clear, but there's always reasons.
      Peggy: What you do; it's...weird.
      Declan: I know. But you still wanna know, don't you?

    • Dean: Another extra curricular project on the Univerity's dime?
      Declan: No, no, I can explain this.
      Declan: Actually, Miranda might be able to explain this one a little better.
      Dean: Will it interest me?
      Miranda: Probably not.
      Dean: Then don't explain it. Just assure me it won't keep you from doing your real job.
      Declan: Rest assured.
      (Dean leaves)
      Declan: Nice job.
      Miranda: Shut up!

    • Declan: What happened to you, Peggy?
      Peggy: I don't have time for this, Declan.
      Declan: Come on, make time.
      Peggy: Two years ago, my husband was brought to this hospital. He was broadsided by a driver going fifty miles an hour. He was in pretty bad shape. He lapsed into a coma, there was nothing we could do but wait. So our church rallied around us; we prayed day and night. My faith was strong. And I knew...I knew that he would be healed. A week later, he woke up, just like that. The doctors were amazed. We were ecstatic. He improved steadily for three days, and on the fourth day, in the middle of the night, he died. It was so cruel. So, you keep looking to see if miracles are real. I already know my answer.

    • (Declan knocks on Peggy's open office door)
      Declan: You mind if I...
      Peggy: Come in.
      Declan (Under his breath): What a dump.
      Peggy: Excuse me?
      Declan: I, I said what a nice office you've got. I really like what you've done with the space.

    • Declan: A few years back I was deep powder skiing in Telluride, it was just awesome. Beautiful. The most beautiful day of my life. Right up until the avalanche hit. I mean I heard it coming, but there wasn't anything I could do. One minute I'm Jean-Claude Killy, and the next I'm trapped in a block of ice. I thought I was gone. I mean nobody knew where I was and I was out in the middle of nowhere. But then there's this kid. He's on a snowmobile. He's tooling around, having a grand old time, and all of a sudden his snow mobile just conks out. No reason, just had it tuned up - plenty of gas, but now nothing, won't even turn over. But he's got a radio. So he calls for help. While he's waiting for help to arrive, the wind kinda kicked up, so, he reaches for this shovel that he conveniently has in his pack and starts digging a windbreak in the snow. About two feet into the dig, he hit me in the jaw.
      Peggy: Wow!
      Declan: Ow!
      Peggy: Ow.
      Declan: The ski patrol came, and dug me up.
      Peggy: That's amazing.
      Declan: Yeah. This kid, he gets back on his snow mobile, and tries to fire it up one more time, just to see, and guess what?
      Peggy: It started.
      Declan: Fired right up.
      Peggy: Oh that's amazing.
      Declan: Yeah. But you see, the real miracle for me, was how my life changed after the accident. I never really thought about too many things before that.

    • Peggy: So, you're trying to prove that these miracles are real? Or not real?
      Declan: No, real, through a process of elimination. Find every possible explanation until none are left.
      Peggy: And how many of these miracles have you investigated?
      Declan: 63...but only 6 remain unexplained.
      Peggy: Unexplained?
      Declan: Mmm.
      Peggy: They're actual miracles?
      Declan: I'd like to think so. I'm always looking for that smoking gun though, that one piece of evidence that's totally indisputable.
      Peggy: Why?
      Declan: Why? That's what people want, isn't it? People like you, am I right?

    • Peggy: I'm perplexed by you.
      Declan: Get in line.
      Peggy: You investigate, what did you call it? Umm...
      Declan & Peggy (Simultaneously): Miraculous Phenomena.

    • Peggy: I wanted to apologize about earlier.
      Declan: Oh yeah?
      Peggy: I'm not usually so, um...
      Declan: Hostile?
      Peggy: I was going to use the word passionate.

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    • Declan: One minute I'm Jean-Claude Killy, and the next I'm trapped in a block of ice.

      Jean-Claude Killy is a French skiier born in 1943 who won 3 gold medals at the 1968 Winter Olympics (for Slalom, Grand Slalom and Downhill).