Mysterious Ways

NBC (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Something Fishy
      Something Fishy
      Episode 22
      Declan can't resist investigating when a torrent of fish falls from the sky onto a former mining town named Kerwin's Landing. What he discovers is a town in decline, facing tough economic times. To everyone's amazement, the falling fish are only the beginning of a strange series of downpours that help pave the way to a brighter future.moreless
    • Listen
      Episode 21
      A radio talk show host's entire existence is turned upside down when he suddenly loses his ability to speak. When he begins hearing stange whispers, he is forced to stop communicating altogether. Only then does he find that he is able to pay attention to the message behind the pleading voice.moreless
    • MUTI
      Episode 20
      Peggy's friend from medical school, Johanna, miraculously survives an unsurvivable motorcycle accident in Uganda and is therefore accused of being a witch. Already under the microscope for using modern medicine, Johanna receives no leeway from the tribal villagers, who are also dealing with a rapidly spreading illness, to no avail. Peggy, Declan and Miranda must go to Africa and help prove Johanna's innocence in order to save her from execution, and hopefully help stop the outbreak from killing the entire village.moreless
    • A Man of God
      A Man of God
      Episode 19
      Declan's investigation of a fraudulent televangelist is turned upside down when the televangelist suddenly finds himself able to genuinely heal those in need. Rather than setting out to prove the man guilty of fraud, Declan finds himself helping the televangelist discover the true reason behind his new-found power to heal.
    • Friends in Need
      Friends in Need
      Episode 18
      After seeing repeated visions of his high school buddy Mike, Declan pays him a long over-due visit. But as these mysterious apparitions continue, Mike's past is further revealed, causing Declan to realize that he must put aside old grudges in order to help his friend at a critical moment in his life.moreless
    • Logan Miller
      Logan Miller
      Episode 17
      Declan meets a man who claims to have traveled forward in time from 1934, but before he can investigate, the man escapes Peggy's care as she tries to treat him for his delusions. Declan's search for the man takes him back in time where his influence on the people he meets has a far greater impact than he expects.moreless
    • Face in the Crowd
      Face in the Crowd
      Episode 16
      Declan takes on a T.A. and is encouraged by her work until circumstances link her to various deaths. Due to the nature of the deaths and her seeming connections to them, Declan comes to believe that she's the angel of death, and that he's next on her list.
    • Spark of Life
      Spark of Life
      Episode 15
      Miranda encounters a woman who seems to be linked to a series of electrical mishaps, which are becoming increasingly frequent and intense. Can Miranda help her work through her guilt from the past in time to save her?
    • Free Spirit
      Free Spirit
      Episode 14
      After surviving a deadly electric shock in her new apartment, the normally somber Miranda suddenly develops a vivacious, outgoing personality and a talent for playing the violin. But when Declan learns that a previous tenant shared an identical experience, underwent the same transformation, and wound up dead, he races against time to explain the changes in Miranda, hoping to save her from the same tragic fate.moreless
    • The Last Dance
      The Last Dance
      Episode 13
      A man confined to a wheelchair after a terrible car accident is suddenly able to walk again after twenty years. But Peggy and Declan learn that the man's disabilities run much deeper, as they uncover the real reason his family was torn apart.
    • Doctor in the House
      Declan investigates when an uneducated blue-collar worker suddenly has the ability to perform complicated emergency surgeries. But will the man's new medical skill help him stop his teenage son from making a tragic mistake?
    • A Time to Every Purpose
      A woman miraculously awakens from a 16-year coma, confused, but otherwise healthy. But after describing patients from the same hospital, she comes to believe that the dream-like world she remembers is an alternate plane of existence shared by other coma patients.
    • The Big Picture
      The Big Picture
      Episode 10
      Declan investigates when an agoraphobic, clairvoyant police sketch artist creates remarkably accurate pictures, leading to a showdown with a serial killer. As the sketch artist gets further into details with the killer, she finds that this case may hit a little too close to home.
    • Love's Divine
      Love's Divine
      Episode 9
      A man saves Peggy's life only moments after asking for a sign to show him if his fiancee is his true soul mate. Several more baffling events direct him towards Peggy, leading him to believe she's the one he's destined to be with. But after further in-depth investigation, he learns that he may have misinterpreted the signs, and that the answer may have been in front of him the entire time.moreless
    • 29
      Episode 8
      Following an earthquake, the number 29 continues to appear in strange and unexpected places, causing people to fear the end of the world. With the end of the world deadline looming, Declan must race against time to disprove the theory and prevent panic from spreading.
    • Child of Wonder
      Child of Wonder
      Episode 7
      A blind man miraculously drives his pregnant wife to the hospital, where she gives birth to a baby with supposed healing powers. While Declan investigates, he finds himself dealing with a beautiful, ambitious reporter who incites a media frenzy, putting the "miracle" child in jeopardy.
    • Spike
      Episode 6
      Paramedics revive a high-strung man who claims his imaginary childhood friend, Spike, made the 911 call that saved his life. As Declan tries to explain the call, Peggy helps the man confess a terrible secret and come to terms with his past.
    • Lost Souls
      Lost Souls
      Episode 5
      A boy hears a mysterious voice coming from a child's image in a painting. When Declan and Peggy investigate, they must race against time to find the child's shocking true identity.
    • Condemned
      Episode 4
      When a convicted murderer's execution fails, Declan investigates his miraculous survival. Meanwhile, Peggy helps the mother of the killer's victim come to terms with her bitterness and hate.
    • Pure of Heart
      Pure of Heart
      Episode 3
      In search of a "Holy Man" with the amazing power to heal, Declan, Peggy and Miranda follow an incompetent guide through the wilderness in India. A series of strange accidents put their lives in jeopardy, and gives their quest an unexpected twist that will change all of their lives forever.
    • One of Us
      One of Us
      Episode 2
      When one of Declan's students is shot during a robbery, he somehow seems to have miraculously been completely untouched. Now believed to have superhuman powers, this one student teaches an entire community that the miracle is also a lesson in tolerance.
    • Phoenix
      Episode 1
      A fireman escapes from a fire unharmed, despite being on fire himself. When Declan's investigation uncovers other amazing incidents, all with an apparent connection, he discovers what appears to be a miracle.
  • Season 1