Mysterious Ways

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2000 on NBC
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When Declan investigates an old woman with the miraculous gift of being able to predict future events by means of a mysterious handwriting, he discovers the woman to be amazingly accurate. But when she looks at him and writes the words "Your sister is dying," it sends Declan on an emotional journey of reconnection with a sister with whom he is estranged. As Declan struggles urgently to uncover the truth of the woman's prediction, he learns that before he can help to heal his sister, he must first heal himself.moreless

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    Andrew Airlie

    Andrew Airlie

    Dr. Ron McCutcheon

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    Julie Patzwald

    Julie Patzwald

    Abby's Granddaughter

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    Jim Shield

    Jim Shield

    Hunky Husband

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      • Miranda: Is it just red wine or can she receive messages with any alcohol?
        Declan: Only the red wine. It's a '72 Pardisi; only wine she drinks.
        Miranda: Good wine.
        Declan: Yeah, that's what she says. How do you know?
        Miranda: My parents have a vineyard.

      • Peggy: Why don't you have her stop by for a physical? Just to be sure.
        Declan: Yeah, if I could get her to...talking her into that would be...
        Peggy: You? The expert of talking people into things they don't wanna do?
        Declan: You don't underst...this is my sister, she can be...frustrating isn't a big enough word.
        Peggy: It's a family trait.
        Declan: Nah, I mean she's just stubborn beyond...
        Peggy: Irresponsible, pushy.
        Declan: Yeah. I mean you try and give her advice and she won't even listen to you.
        Peggy: And all you want is what's best for her.
        Declan: You hit the nail right between the eyes. Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me something?

      • (Declan and Miranda are discussing a bottle of wine that Miranda is going to test for Declan)
        Declan: Be careful 'cause it's expensive.
        Miranda: Yeah, I know.
        Declan: Oh that's right, I forgot. The vineyard.
        Miranda: It's a small one Declan; only a few hundred acres.
        Declan: A few hundred. So you must be kinda rich huh?
        Miranda: Kinda.
        Declan: How kinda?

      • Declan: I guess I should be happy, right? My sister's not dying.
        (Peggy nods in agreement)
        Declan: We used to be so close, Peggy. Inseparable; wasn't anything we couldn't do together.
        Peggy: So what happened?
        Declan: I don't know. My father died and you would think that would bring a family closer together, but we just drifted apart; me, my sister my mom. We're like strangers now, you know.

      • Declan: I wanna talk to you about Dad.
        Nina: Dad. Now?
        Declan: Mm hmm. Remember the meds that we had to give him every 4 hours and that timer that Mom had?
        Nina: Yeah, what about it?
        Declan: That weekend that you and Mom went away and I was supposed to take care of Dad...but I went over to Joey Saboli's to watch the ball game. I lost track of time and I came home late. Dad took a turn for the worse the very next day.
        Nina: Declan.
        Declan: No, it's because of me.
        Nina: Declan, you're not responsible for Dad's death.
        Declan: I was hanging out with my friend instead of looking after Dad.
        Nina: Dad's decline started when he was diagnosed with cancer. By the time we brought him home from the hospital he was already terminal. Those meds were to ease the pain.
        Declan: I know. He was in pain and I wasn't there. My point is, Mom and Dad were always there for us and I just wanna...I wanna be there for you, always.
        Nina: You've been beating yourself up over this for all those years?
        Declan: Kinda hard to be around you and Mom sometimes.
        Nina: No one's gonna blame you Declan, so stop blaming yourself. It's not your fault.

      • Declan: My sister doesn't really share the same interest in weird stuff that I do.
        Peggy: Hmm. Well, I mean, I think you should see her. I mean, just to put your mind at ease. I mean, I'm sure she's fine.
        Declan: She's in New York.
        Peggy: I thought you said she lived in Philadelphia?
        Declan: No. She moved to New York a few years ago. She's doing the whole 'acting' thing.
        Peggy: Didn't you say she was in retail?
        Declan: No. She was; she changed her mind again.
        Peggy: Huh. Acting. Wow.
        Declan: Struggling actor thing, don't get excited. I mean she...bit parts, barely pays the rent, that kinda thing.
        Peggy: Still, it takes a lot of guts to move to New York City. Good for her.
        Declan: Yeah.
        Peggy: Is everything okay between you two?
        Declan: Huh?
        Peggy: Declan.
        Declan: Yeah. I just haven't talked to her in a while. I'll call her.
        Peggy: Good idea.

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