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  • I adore this show and it was ahead of its time.

    I adore this show and it was ahead of its time. I think it would have done better now as there are more shows like it and ones dealing with the paranormal now. The timing for this show wasn't right. I love it and never get tired of seeing the episodes more than once. The actors are extremely good and it's nice knowing it's a Canadian show from Lion's Gate films in Vancouver, B.C. Adrian Pasdar is extremely talented as "Declan Dunn," with Rae Dawn Chong and Alisen Down both very talented actresses. I don't really see it compared to X Files as the X Files investigated aliens not ghosts/angels/paranormal. I wish all the actors/actresses great good luck with their future works. I'll look out for them.
  • Good show, it's like a light-hearted X'Files.

    I quite like this show, it has humor, investigating and Adrian Pasdar, who is from another show i fairly like called Heroes. I reckon the show is fairly light-hearted with Decklen (yes i know i can't spell) being it a bit of a goof, but i think that is all right for his personality. I don't have any objections to either Miranda or Peggy, though i do prefer Miranda. As much as i like the show, i am however not pleased how the Sci Fi channel airs it :once a week on Thursday at 7:30 that clashes with other shows also aired at that time. But other than that i like the show, it's different and unique, and i my mind underappreciated.
  • I love this show, I love its ideas, I love its characters, I love this show! It just sort of absorbs me and I can't stop watching it until its suspensful and surprising ending!

    I actually didn't watch this show until I started watching the reruns back in 2006. But, I immediately fell in love with it! It has a way of giving you a little bit of information throughout the whole show, and you start to piece it together your self until the very end where something 'miraculous' happens that just blows you away! I must admit, some of the episodes are a little too much, but most of them just give you a hope that these things do actually happen, and that sometimes its just better to leave them be than to try and explain them, because they aren't meant to be explained.
  • Interesting show with unique pretext. Too bad it got killed by NBC.

    Would like someone to tell me the artist or song name of the song that was on a record player in an episode. The story had to do with an elderly person having died, and every now & then her rocking chair would start to rock and the record player would kick on and play this song: "Oh, there's a moon up in the sky, and .....". Song had somewhat of a country flavor, as the scene was in the Appalachians or other low-income mountain community. Please write to me at if you know the song/episode/artist/etc. Much thanks!!!!
  • I really enjoy this series and record it every day, Declan is a bit slow but nice and considerate, Miranda is brilliant and very supportive, Peggy is so not necessary can we please remove her role. The story line is great.

    I really enjoy this show, I think Declan and Miranda are brilliant but Peggy is the most annoying character in the show. I do not mean her personally but the character she plays is very much superfluous to the program and I don't know why she is required. She is a very depressing character, how can anybody be cheerful or optimistic when you have her spouting all her gloom and doom. At least Declan and Miranda try to investigate these really positive phenomena or miraculous things that happen with a really open mind and investigate all the possible or probable ways that they could have happened but Peggy Fowler is such a miserable person I personally want to strangle her or at the very least remove her from a really good series.
  • Mysterious Ways followed the investigations of 'miraculous phenomena' by Declun Dunn, an anthropologist, and his two frinds, Peggy a psychiatrist, and Mirada, an over-intelligent grad student. Together they unravel mysterious with the help of science.

    This show was interesting in the way that it could explain events that were so phenomenal in such scientific way, and yet always retain mysterious quality to them. Although the episodes became somewhat formulaic and predictable charcter wise, with cliqued 'the moral to this story is' over tones, it alway retained a lovable quality. The three characters complimented each other perfectly, Peggy supplying psychological advice, Miranda with her gadgets and scientific knowledge and Declan with his far out ideas and vast knowledge of history and cultures. It is unfortunate that the show only lasted two seasons, there was so much left explore.
  • What a series...

    i think that mysteroius ways was a very show , i'm not sure how many seasons they made, but i know it wasn't very many. i don't know way they cancelled it so soon. it was about unexplained phenomena and it was very wierd and was also funny at times as well and i think that it had good chemestry between the characters. i have only seen about 4 or 5 episodes fuuly , but i still know that it is a very creative series and i'm suprised it wasn't more popular. now, Adrian Pasdar is on Heries and i don't like that show as much as this one.later.
  • This was a great show. It could have had many good seasons but unfortionately ended after only two.

    Declan Dunn is an anthropology profesor who survived a avalanche a few years earlier. Since then he has become obsessed with miracles and has decided to investicate them in the hope of proving they exist. With the help of Miranda Filkilsteen, a physics major, and sciptical physciatrist Dr Peggy Fowler he investigates all odd events that he hears of.

    This was a really interesting show with great characters. Since there were three main characters they could center a lot of time on developing them and the cases were very intriuging.

    I really miss this show and hope they release it on DVD soon.
  • Great show

    I absolutely love this show, i'm not that in to wonders and thnings like that but the way this show brings the stories makes you totally believe the whole thing.
    Declan is just an normal guy and he startes to notice all the strange miracles and decides to investigate them along with his assistent Miranda and a psychologist Peggy who is skeptical at first ,to make sure that people dont make up the stories.
    Declan starts to investigate the incidents after he was buried under an avalanche and given up for dead. After he miraculously survived, he committed his life to investigating miracles and the absolute proof of their existence.

  • This series was like an G rated X-Files. It was really cute and funny, and it always made you feel all warm and tingly after after the show had finished. They really shouldn't have cancelled this...

    Mysterious Ways was something special. It could manage to completely hold your attention without the use of steamy innuendo or gory violence like other shows. In Australia it was on when I was about 12 or 13, I'm almost 17 now and I still watch old tapes of it that I've kept.
    The characters were genuine, with Adrian Pasdar as the lead, playing the slightly scatterbrained Anthropology Professor Declan Dunn. His entourage consists of Peggy Fowler, a recently widowed psychiatrist who occasionally questions her faith but manages to keep Declan in line, and a shy physics student, Miranda Phiglestein, who is more open to suggestions of the supernatural than Peggy, but who comes from a wealthy, but lonely, childhood. Each week they investigate what could only be put as “miraculous phenomenon”, which often affects them personally.
    Be it an investigation into the existence of black magic in Uganda, to the ghosts of children becoming protective spirits, to the examination of people who have survived horrific falls and electric shocks, Declan’s cases are always probing and insightful, and never boring.

    I love this show! Declan(Adrian Pascar) is soooooooooo FUNNY!! I love his dog Mole, he is soooooooooo CUTE!!! I love when Declan and Miranda(Alison Down) are together, they are soooooooooooo FUNNY together!!!:lol: Especially with miranda's sarcasim, she's HILLARIOUS!!!!:lol::lol: But to get down to the point, I LOVE THIS ROCKIN' AWESOME SHOW!!!!!
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