Mysterious Ways

NBC (ended 2002)


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  • I really enjoy this series and record it every day, Declan is a bit slow but nice and considerate, Miranda is brilliant and very supportive, Peggy is so not necessary can we please remove her role. The story line is great.

    I really enjoy this show, I think Declan and Miranda are brilliant but Peggy is the most annoying character in the show. I do not mean her personally but the character she plays is very much superfluous to the program and I don't know why she is required. She is a very depressing character, how can anybody be cheerful or optimistic when you have her spouting all her gloom and doom. At least Declan and Miranda try to investigate these really positive phenomena or miraculous things that happen with a really open mind and investigate all the possible or probable ways that they could have happened but Peggy Fowler is such a miserable person I personally want to strangle her or at the very least remove her from a really good series.