Mysterious Ways - Season 1

NBC (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • John Doe #28
    John Doe #28
    Episode 22
    After dying in the ER, a man comes back to life suffering from amnesia but with a new, more positive demeanor. The resulting chain of events proves that what goes around really does come around.
  • Do You See What I See?
    Declan's mentor, Rudy, becomes Declan's next miracle mystery, when the old anthropologist begins having bizarre visions, including tacky alien spaceships, circus clowns and even the Big Bad Wolf. Declan brings Rudy to see Peggy, who thinks these visions are the result of stress, but when she has him undergo a physical check-up, a brain tumor is discovered. The tumor is pressing on the part of the brain that houses memories, thus triggering these strange visions -- memories from Rudy's childhood. But one of the memories is of a young girl -- the childhood sweetheart Rudy let go. With Declan's help, Rudy is able to make contact with the woman, who just recently divorced... right about the same time Rudy started having these visions.moreless
  • Wonderful
    Episode 20
    A mother comes to wake her daughter for school but finds her missing; across town, the daughter is found asleep in a park, still in her pajamas, and no one has any clue as to how she got there. The incident leads Peggy and Declan to help the parents re-discover what is important in their lives - and show them that it's not too late to put things back the way they once were.moreless
  • Dead Dog Walking
    Dead Dog Walking
    Episode 19
    While Peggy treats a patient who had a near-death experience during surgery, Declan investigates a foreign cardiologist who's wooing her, and discovers that the so-called doctor might be more of a killer than a healer. Fearing Peggy is being courted by a con man, Declan delves into his background and unearths the mysterious disappearance of the suitor's last romantic conquest.moreless
  • Strike Two
    Strike Two
    Episode 18
    A man lost his hearing when he was struck by lightning, and now, twenty years later, is again struck by lightning. Not only does he have his hearing back, he also has the amazing ability to foretell future events with his new super-sensitive hearing.
  • 19A
    Episode 17
    Declan hears about a man who had a premonition of a recent plane crash. When Declan investigates whether or not the premonition was real or just a fabrication he makes a startling discovery which could alter the lives of two families forever.
  • Yesterday
    Episode 16
    When a cop's partner is shot to death while investigating a break-in, he feels responsible. That night, the distraught cop says a silent prayer - if only he could have this day back. The cop wakes the next morning to discover he's gotten his wish - he's living yesterday all over again. Unfortunately, he's the only one who knows it. Through this investigation Declan and Peggy learn a lesson about altering the course of destiny.moreless
  • The Greater Good
    The Greater Good
    Episode 15
    Declan uncovers a cloth in a 17th century tomb that they discover is the veil of Veronica, a religious relic with the power to heal. It is used to heal Cancer patients but soon starts to disintegrate. While looking for a method of preservation, the veil is sealed until Miranda is struck with a deadly virus and Declan is forced to make the decision whether to save his friend or save the veil for the good of mankind.moreless
  • Reason to Cry
    Reason to Cry
    Episode 14
    As a funeral takes place in an inner city church from another gang related shooting, something unbelievable occurs – an image on a stained-glass window begins weeping tears of blood. In the midst of Declan's investigation, another miracle occurs within the community – the people, taking the icon's tears as a message to stop the violence, begin banding together, helping the gangs to resolve their differences. As Declan begins to uncover the truth, he is left with the moral dilemma of disproving this ‘miracle', or allowing a community in desperate need of divine intervention to believe that their prayers have been answered.moreless
  • Intentions
    Episode 13
    Peggy struggles when she begins seeing the ghost of a patient who recently committed suicide, jeopardizing her career in the process. Meanwhile, Declan also finds his employment at risk when his pursuit of miraculous phenomena interferes with his classroom responsibilities.
  • Handshake
    Episode 12
    When Declan investigates an old woman with the miraculous gift of being able to predict future events by means of a mysterious handwriting, he discovers the woman to be amazingly accurate. But when she looks at him and writes the words "Your sister is dying," it sends Declan on an emotional journey of reconnection with a sister with whom he is estranged. As Declan struggles urgently to uncover the truth of the woman's prediction, he learns that before he can help to heal his sister, he must first heal himself.moreless
  • Stranger in the Mirror
    A student sees a man when he looks into a mirror, each time at a different point in the man's life. These images are the clues that will help Declan uncover the cause of the man's death.
  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear
    Episode 10
    A window washer falls from 20 stories up the side of a skyscraper and crashes through the top of a parked convertible landing in the passenger's seat next to a very frightened driver. He is dazed but un-injured. Declan, Peggy and Miranda must investigate how this could happen and find a very interesting coincidence.moreless
  • Demons
    Episode 9
    Peggy is assigned to the case of an attempted suicide and piques Declan's interest when the girl claims she is haunted by demons. As Peggy struggles to help the tormented girl, Declan uncovers a terrible secret lurking behind the patient's disturbances.
  • The Ties That Bind
    The Ties That Bind
    Episode 8
    Declan's overworked assistant Miranda starts to act strangely. She feels that she needs to go to Alaska so she and Declan along with one of Peggy's patients travel there to try to find out why. When they arrive they meet two other people who have also been drawn to Alaska for a reason unknown to them. Miranda and the three others all feel the urge to jump off the bridge next to a river gorge. As the mystery unfolds, they discover that the bond they have is deeper than they could have ever imagined.moreless
  • Crazy
    Episode 7
    Peggy and Declan find themselves at odds when Declan interferes with one of her patients - a schizophrenic who claims to be hearing a voice. Peggy wants to put her on medication, but Declan suspects there may be more to this voice that's trying to communicate with her.
  • Twins
    Episode 6
    When two students in Declan's anthropology class exhibit uncanny similarities, Declan becomes curious when both adopted young men turn out to share the same birth date, the same mannerisms, tastes, and test answers, but a blood test determines that they aren't related. When one of them becomes ill, the mystery of what brought them together intensifies. Meanwhile, Declan and Peggy discover they share a common bond as well.moreless
  • Spirit Junction
    Spirit Junction
    Episode 5
    Declan travels to the small town of East Gilmore to investigate a mysterious legend of protective spirits. There, he discovers more than just an eerie tale of ghosts pushing stalled cars off railway tracks; he also discovers a town full of pain, whose residents are unable to recover from a horrible tragedy.moreless
  • Camp Sanopi
    Camp Sanopi
    Episode 4
    On a white-water rafting trip, Declan is thrown from a raft and ends up miles downstream, badly hurt with a broken leg. Luck is on his side, however, as a kindly old man named Dr. Nader discovers him and takes him to Camp Sanopi, a secluded retreat deep in the woods. But Declan soon discovers that this blissful camp is not what it seems to be and that although all are welcome, none can leave.moreless
  • The Midas Touch
    The Midas Touch
    Episode 3
    Peggy and Declan discover a town whose citizens have overwhelming good fortune. Upon further investigation, they uncover the town's secret, a woman who supposedly has the gift to give people good luck just by touching them. Unfortunately, the woman doesn't believe she has any special powers, and prefers to be left alone. Now it's up to Declan to figure out what's happening.moreless
  • The Gray Lady
    The Gray Lady
    Episode 2
    A man promises his wife on his deathbed that he will contact her exactly one year after his death to prove that there is life after death. As the anniversary draws near, Declan and Peggy are drawn to see for themselves if a miracle happens, as opposed to investigating one after the fact. Peggy, a widow herself, can relate to this woman's pain and loss, but in the end she discovers some faith of her own.moreless
  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace
    Episode 1
    Declan Dunn, an anthropology professor who also investigates miraculous phenomena that happen to people everyday, meets Peggy Fowler, a psychiatrist at a local hospital and a skeptic. Together they try to explain how an 11-year-old boy miraculously survived nearly drowning in a frozen lake.