Mysterious Ways

Season 1 Episode 11

Stranger in the Mirror

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2000 on NBC
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Stranger in the Mirror
A student sees a man when he looks into a mirror, each time at a different point in the man's life. These images are the clues that will help Declan uncover the cause of the man's death.

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  • Stranger In The Mirror

    Another fantastic episode of Mysterious Ways. I really liked this one. Watching the 'miracle' unfold was fun, Warren became strangely likeable during the course of the episode and the interaction between Miranda and Warren was great.

    This is the first time during the season that we have seen Miranda possibly being interested in another student rather than being interested only in her work. This could have been badly written into the show, but the way it was actually done was great.

    Declan feels the need to play 'big brother' to Miranda in this episode and his denial of this to Peggy created a great scene. A clever episode that I will absolutely watch again.moreless

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    • (Warren has just explained to Declan that he wants to use poetry, body painting and air guitar to replace a paper he should be writing for for his class)
      Declan: It's an Anthropology class, Warren.
      Warren: So?
      Declan: So, 10 pages, due on Monday.
      Warren: 10 pages, man? Your class is supposed to be a slider.
      Declan: (Whispering to Miranda) What's a slider?
      Miranda: Slider's a gut class, easy A.
      Warren: I only took it because Astronomy 101 was full.
      Declan: (In disbelief) You think my class is you what bud, 10 pages on Monday. I don't want any cheating on the margins either, footnotes as well.
      Warren: You're killing me, man.
      (Warren leaves the room)
      Declan: Is my class really a slider?
      Miranda: (Unconvincingly) No. I, uh, I think it's hard.

    • Peggy: So you think it's a ruse?
      Declan: Yeah. He's mapped out this whole story to get to her and it's working. She's hooked.
      Peggy: Well, at least he's creative.
      Declan: He's not creative! He's manipulative, he's like a cipher!
      (Peggy laughs)
      Declan: What's so funny?
      Peggy: You! The big brother protecting Miranda.
      Declan: No, it's not like a big brother thing at all. It's just, you know, she's a...I like her, I just don't want to see her hanging out with the wrong people.
      Peggy: Like Warren?
      Declan: Like Warren.
      Peggy: Just like a big brother.

    • (Miranda is looking for information in a computer database)
      Peggy: What are you doing? Is this legal?
      Miranda: Do I have to answer that?
      Declan: Not without your lawyer present.

    • Warren: (Discussing birth marks that he has had since birth.) Check it out. Gone, all three of them, without a trace. It's pretty wild, right? I totally freaked, but then was like, you guys see miracles like this all the time so you're probably like, eh, no biggie.
      (Miranda and Declan look stunned and answer unconvincingly)
      Miranda: Yeah, disappearing birth marks...
      Declan: No biggie.

    • Warren: You ready to go to lunch?
      Miranda: Yeah.
      Declan: Oh, no; wait a minute there, Mr. Disappearing Birthmark Man.
      Warren: Hey!
      Declan: What?!
      Warren: I know what you're thinking.
      Declan: What am I thinking?
      Warren: You're thinking, "Hey Miranda, stay away from Warren, he's just a player", right?
      (Declan mouths to Miranda, "Do you want to have lunch with him?")
      (Miranda nods)
      Declan: In a nutshell, yeah.
      Warren: That was then, this is now. It's time to settle down, dude; get serious.

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