Mysterious Ways

Season 1 Episode 15

The Greater Good

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 01, 2001 on NBC

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  • For me, this episode is a pivotal display of beliefs inasmuch as using the \'cloth\' as a catalyst to \"miracles\", it matters not what faith you follow.

    Having been a fan of \"Mysterious Ways\" for a couple of years now, since it was aired on satellite in the UK, I liken very much to the characters. Alrady knowing Rae Dawn from one ortwo movies as well as TV and Adrian Pasdar from many TV appearances and movies, it showed good casting for me to begin with as well as the subject matter created throughout the series.

    The real upshot is Miranda, Alisen Down. The character is superbly acted and I really find an affinity with her and her demeanour but moreover, Alisen\'s character in MW is far removed from her other acting attributes and I have to admit, when I first tuned into MW, I failed to recognise Alisen at first, even given she\'s a great actress. I\'m one of those people who never forget faces, names swim down the Swannee with the fish and blues but face, never. When it dawned on me who she was, I was taken aback at the depth of her character, not just the facade and make up but the complete persona. Excellent.

    Of the two seasons shown here, I\'ve probably seen most of the episodes more than once, and this particular one \"The Greater Good\" four or even five times and STILL am visibly moved by the \"needs of the one\" scene with Declan, Peggy and Miranda and then the cops rushing in etc.

    That makes for successful viewing and I have been known to be critical of many American shows (can\'t stand \"Friends\"), MW is definitely one that ranks high in my own personal scale.

    I would also be interested to learn the song and singer of the dramatic hospital moment in \"The Greater Good\". For me, I always feel the best music is sometimes grossly overlooked, even ignored by the buying public, probably because, more often than not, music picked for TV shows are usually album tracks, however, I often pick out music from TV shows and movies and then try to buy them, but quite often, without success, which can be a bummer. And even then, you don\'t usually get what you think you\'re getting. I recently purchased, what appeared to be, an \"X-Files\" album of music that appeared in the TV series. Uh-uh, it was a collection of tracks put together with the X-Files theme as first track.

    If anyone knows who the singer, inparticular on this episode is, could you let me know. Because most of the music isn\'t as mainstream in the UK, we often don\'t get to hear of many good bands in the US.