Mysterious Ways

Season 1 Episode 8

The Ties That Bind

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 11, 2000 on NBC
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The Ties That Bind
Declan's overworked assistant Miranda starts to act strangely. She feels that she needs to go to Alaska so she and Declan along with one of Peggy's patients travel there to try to find out why. When they arrive they meet two other people who have also been drawn to Alaska for a reason unknown to them. Miranda and the three others all feel the urge to jump off the bridge next to a river gorge. As the mystery unfolds, they discover that the bond they have is deeper than they could have ever imagined.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • If the organ donor was 19 when he died and would have turned 21 while they were all in Alaska, he would have been 16 when he donated the blood that Miranda received (she said her appendix was removed 5 years ago). You can't donate blood that young. Also, there's no way Miranda's parents would have had his name, unless it was a direct donation, which is clearly not the case.

    • QUOTES (15)

      • Peggy (looking at Declan after they all jumped): Unexplained?
        Declan: Nah. Just plain weird!

      • Peggy: I got the test results back. You're perfectly normal. No lesions on the brain, no abnormalities in the bloodwork. You're healthy.
        Declan (with mild sarcasm): Perfectly normal!

      • Miranda: Declan, I'm having urges to do things that I don't wanna do. No matter how hard I try to fight them, I can't. I don't like what's happening to me Declan, for the first time I feel like I'm not in control of my life...and it terrifies me.

      • Peggy: This is too far fetched, Declan.
        Declan: What? They all had organ transplants on the exact same day. Now I'm willing to bet a hundred dollars that they all had transplants from the exact same person. Haven't you ever heard of these cases of people having weird cravings and stuff after having a transplant?
        Peggy: Yeah I have. Cravings, allergies maybe, but the urge to go to Alaska?
        Declan: I'm just saying!
        Miranda: I've never had a transplant. I've only been in the hospital twice.
        Declan: What for?
        Miranda: Broke my arm when I was 8 and I had my appendix out 5 years ago...(looking at Declan) and no, they didn't give me another one.

      • Miranda: I wanted to talk to you. Last night I was a little upset.
        Declan: It's OK. Sit down.
        Miranda: So where are we going next?
        Declan: I don't know. You see that movie Close Encounters? You remember they were all drawn to the mountain, they just had to go there? It's kinda like that.
        Miranda: Aliens?!
        Declan: You got any ideas?
        (Miranda shakes her head. Declan picks up his sandwich and a tomato slice falls on the map on top of the Miranda River. He looks up at Miranda.)
        Miranda: What?
        Declan: I think I know where we're supposed to go!

      • Declan: I just realized I don't...I don't know anything about you. I don't even know where you live. You live with your folks? What are your folks like?
        Miranda: Nothing special, they're nice people.
        Declan: You have brothers and sisters?
        Miranda: Declan, it's getting very late.
        Declan: So what! You never talk about yourself, all you talk about is work.
        Miranda: So?!
        Declan: So what do you do for fun Miranda? How old are you? When's your birthday?
        Miranda: (Agitated) You know what?! What does any of this have to do with us being in Alaska, Declan?
        Declan: Nothing.

      • Declan: Hey. We're all checked in. I got us two rooms, 102, 105. Which one do you want?
        Miranda: 326.
        Declan: They got a one level place here Miranda, no 326. (Pause) You got a new number!

      • Declan: Hey, sup?
        Miranda: I have to go to Alaska.
        (Scene changes to Declan in Peggy's office):
        Peggy: Alaska?
        Declan: Yeah, she's not saying she wants to go. She's saying she has to go, like she doesn't have a choice.
        Peggy: Oh my God, that's exactly what Nate's been telling me.
        Declan: What? That he wants to go to Alaska? Huh.
        Peggy: And he doesn't know why.
        Declan: She keeps saying she has to be there by the 28th. 28. May 28.
        Peggy: 528.
        Declan: (Slapping his forehead) Duh!

      • Declan: You know, if you don't wanna talk to Peggy, I'm always here for you, you can always talk to me.
        Miranda: And say what Declan? What?! If I don't know what's happening to me, how can I talk about it?!

      • Declan: Where's Miranda?
        Peggy: She's upstairs getting some tests done.
        Declan: What kind of tests?
        Peggy: EEG, Cat Scan.
        Declan: I thought you were just gonna talk to her.
        Peggy: I did, but her sudden change in behavior makes me think it might be more than stress. I have another patient, Nate Tischner, who's 65 years old and he's exhibiting the exact same behavior as Miranda. I think he might have Alzheimers Disease.
        Declan: Alzheimers?! She's in her 20's.
        Peggy: Then it might be Picks Disease.
        Declan: What's that?
        Peggy: A degenerative brain disorder that causes sudden behavior changes and memory loss. It's been known to affect people as young as 20.
        Declan: Really? It doesn't explain why they both have the number 528 in their heads.
        Peggy: I know.

      • Peggy: Has she shown signs of depression before?
        Declan: It's Miranda we're talking about, hard to tell.
        Peggy: I think it's all the extra school work, I'm sure she'll be fine.
        (Declan and Peggy enter Miranda's lab where there are papers all over the walls that have only the number 528 written on them)
        Peggy: Five Two Eight.
        Declan: Miranda.
        Miranda: I can't make it stop.

      • Declan: Hey Peg, you got a second?
        Peggy: Declan, I can't. I'm swamped today.
        Declan: It's important, it's about Miranda.
        Peggy: What's wrong?
        Declan: Two of my students found her this morning standing on a ledge.
        Peggy: Is she alright?
        Declan: I think so, I don't...I mean luckily someone was there to stop her before she tried to do it again.
        Peggy: Again?
        Declan: I found her standing on a ledge last Monday. I don't know if she was gonna jump or...she was like this, looking over it.
        Peggy: This is serious. Why didn't you come to me sooner?
        Declan: I tried to get her to talk to you but I don't think she trusts you for some reason.

      • (Declan enters a classroom)
        Declan: Miranda, what are you doing in here alone?
        Miranda: Nothing. I just finished a class.
        Declan: How was it?
        Miranda: Fine.
        (Miranda stands to leaves and drops her test papers)
        Declan: It's alright, I'll get it.
        Miranda: No, I've got-
        (Declan reads the mark on the test paper that he has retrieved from the floor)
        Declan: You failed a test huh? It's alright, happens to everybody, it's not that big a deal.
        Miranda: Not me.

      • Declan: R&B huh? I never would have placed you as an R&B chick Miranda. What's up?
        Miranda: I finished testing your goop.
        Declan: Oh yeah, what was it?
        Miranda: Human excrement.
        Declan: Really? Poop.
        Miranda: Fell out of an airplane, frozen at 40,000 feet and must have thawed on the way down, hence raining goop.
        Declan: Oh. That would explain the stink.
        Miranda: Mmhmm. This is my analysis, I broke the substance down and calculated each of it's components.
        Declan: You broke down the sub...thorough. (Declan reads the analysis) 528; what's with that? Every component weighs 528 ounces.
        Miranda: What?
        Declan: Forget it, never mind.
        Miranda: No Declan, these are my calculations. I must have typed them in wrong. Where did 528 come from?

      • Declan: Okay, it's got to be some sort of connection between to the two of you, right, because you're both receiving the same message. So if it's a spirit or something like that trying to communicate with you, it has to be something or someone that you both have in common.
        Miranda: Well, I doubt we have the same circle of friends.
        Declan: Maybe you're related. Did you think of that? You have a second cousin twice removed or something.
        Miranda: It's not possible.
        Declan: Why not?
        Miranda: He's Jewish, I'm not.
        Declan: Of course you are.'re Jewish.
        Miranda: EEN! Like SpringSTEEN!
        Declan: You sure?

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