Mysterious Ways

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 28, 2000 on NBC



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    • Declan: They got some answers wrong. The same ones I should add.
      Peggy: Then YOU don't know your subject very well.

    • (Peggy and Declan are discussing the fact that they went to the same community college and only just discovered it)
      Declan: I can't believe it. You know, I really wanted to get to know you.
      Peggy: Really?
      Declan: Yeah, in fact I was even planning on asking you out.
      Peggy: Oh, really?
      Declan: You know it took me two weeks to finally get up the nerve to sit next to you in class?
      Peggy: You were the guy who wore those big thick glasses!
      Declan: Yeah, that was me. I even changed my socks for you.
      Peggy: Ah, nice.
      Declan: And then you split, you disappeared.
      Peggy: Yeah I dropped out, my brother got ill so I enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania. Changed majors.
      Declan: Let me guess, psychiatry.
      Peggy: Yeah, I met my husband there.
      Both: (Simultaneously) Wow.
      Declan: Don't tell me, separated at birth, you and me.

    • Peggy: Declan, did you go to Grand Oaks Community College?
      Declan: You bet. Two proud years as a fighting ferret.
      Peggy: Dr. Hess, (in a deeper voice) Dr. Hess.
      Declan: Dr. Hess.
      Peggy: He taught there didn't he?
      Declan: Yeah, why?
      Peggy: The other day when you mentioned him, it triggered a memory; the name, the accent. I went to Grand Oaks Community College.
      Declan: Oh yeah?
      Peggy: And I took a class with Dr. Hess, but I was there only a few weeks. I'd completely forgotten.
      Declan: Fall of '84?
      Peggy: Yep.
      Declan: Your hair was shorter. You sat in the front row and you always argued with me! You were a real pain in the ass!

    • Declan: What you said last week about me thinking everything is weird; it's true I do. I'm always looking for a meaning when there isn't any.
      Peggy: People have been doing that for thousands of years; it's perfectly normal.

    • (A student hands Declan beer at a college party)
      Peggy: You shouldn't be drinking with the students.
      Declan: Why not? They're all 21.
      Peggy: How do you know?
      Declan (Pointing to student): Just ask him.
      Student: Twentyone!

    • (Miranda is taking Robert's blood)
      Brent: I thought you didn't need blood for this test?
      Miranda: I don't; this is for my own private collection.
      Declan: She's only kidding. She's doing two tests.
      Miranda: Tissue and blood.
      Brent: Don't you have to have a license or something?
      Miranda: I do; I'm a registered phlebotomist.
      Declan: It means she's a highly trained professional in this area. She's ok to do this.
      Robert: Ow! You're not very good at it!
      Miranda: No, I'm not.

    • Peggy: Take us for instance. There were no signs that brought us together.
      Declan: I don't know, maybe there was.
      Peggy: I tell you what, I'll do some research and see if there are any coincidences that brought us together.
      Declan: OK.
      Peggy: But don't be surprised if I don't find anything more amazing than having a girlfriend named Cathy.
      Declan: You have a girlfriend named Cathy?
      Peggy: Very funny.

    • Declan: It's not just the way they sound. I mean it's their inflections, their gestures, their mannerisms. It's almost like they're the same person.
      Peggy: All kids look the same when you're old.
      Declan: That's not funny!

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    • Declan (Talking to a student at a college party where dance music is playing in the background): What is this? Grass Roots? I'm only kidding, I know my music.

      The Grass Roots were an American rock and roll band who released songs between 1965 and 1975.