Mystery Diagnosis

Monday 10:00 PM on Discovery Health Premiered Oct 11, 2005 In Season


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  • Season 10
    • Simple Symptoms Turn Threatening
      Young Payton Rule has trouble walking and using her hands from her weak muscles. Initially, she simply appears to be a late bloomer with hypotonia, but Payton doesn't improve. It turns out that she has a genetic nerve condition called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT). Travis Walker has been a happy, active man, until he discovers a bump near his left index finger. It seems to be minor, but it grows to a big, red lump. Steroids don't help, and the lesion spreads to his pinky, wrist, his whole hand, and even up his arm. Also, Travis becomes lethargic and dehydrated with a fever and hypotension. Eventually, though, he finds out that he has been dealing with a rare infection from Mycobacterium marinum.moreless
    • Stolen Senses
      Stolen Senses
      Episode 9
      Tammy Bangs has been a healthy 25-year-old woman, until she starts feeling extremely fatigued and achy. At first, it appears to be just mononucleosis, but things get really serious when Tammy cannot urinate at all and gets tingling sensations in her lower body that leads to paralysis. It turns out that Tammy's mono has actually led to her more severe symptoms, which are due to a rare disease called acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM). A 43-year-old mother of two named Nadine Miller suddenly has trouble seeing and reading. Initially, she appears to have inflammation from sarcoidosis, but unfortunately, her vision keeps deteriorating shortly after being treated with steroids. Eventually, Nadine also begins to have frightening hallucinations, and she is diagnosed with chronic relapsing inflammatory optic neuritis.moreless
    • A Search For Answers
      As soon as Ellayna Gallis was born, her parents and grandparents have been worried about her. She has several birth defects including an enlarged leg, blotchy skin, fused toes, and heart problems. Ellayna appears to have Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (KTS) at first, but soon, one doctor figures out that she actually has Proteus syndrome. Adam Brewer has always been healthy, until he suddently feels nauseous and has diarrhea. It appears to be a case of food poisoning, but after having night sweats, Adam suffers from shortness of breath from fluid accummulation in his heart and lungs. He eventually finds out that he has a parasitic infection called paragonimiasis from eating undercooked crabs.moreless
    • Too Young to be Sick
      Ever since he was a year old, young Harry Crowther has been dealing with some unusual symptoms. He develops unusual spots on his torso, the skin on his abdomen tightens, his collarbones are unusually small, his nose is small and pointy, his eyes are bulging, and his teeth are overcrowded in his mouth. Harry's parents search for answers for six years and eventually find out that he has atypical progeria syndrome. Aspiring nurse Sadie Jones had just married her boyfriend and moved into a new house with him, when suddenly, she wakes up with excruciating chest pain. At first, Sadie believes it's simply heartburn, but the attacks only intensify; she starts vomiting water in her sleep; she regurgitates her food; she gets violent hiccups; and she vomits a foam-like substance. Many doctors dismiss her complaints, but one gastroenterologist finds out that Sadie has a disorder called achalasia.moreless
    • Time is Running Out
      A 14-year-old girl named Lindsay Estacio has been recovering from a depressed state over her parents' divorce, when suddenly, she develops a strange rash, fever, swollen glands, sore throat, headache, and puffy, sore eyes. Lindsay's rash becomes so bad that it develops into blisters that spread all over her body and mucus membranes and hinder her breathing. It turns out that Lindsay is severely allergic to certain medication, including the antidepressant she took, called Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Young father Ryan Gleason has been mostly healthy, except for a sinus infection. He gets a headache, becomes fatigued, develops numbness in his hands and feet, loses his balance, gets double vision, and develops speech impediments. A doctor eventually finds out that Ryan has been suffering from an autoimmune disorder called Miller-Fisher syndromemoreless
    • A Family's Desperate Search
      Since he was born, Ricky Getch's parents have been troubled by his problems. Ricky is unusually small for his age and doesn't grow normally and has a low appetite from a rare, treatable form of dwarfism called Russell Silver syndrome (RSS). Noel Valero, an active father of two, suddenly blinks his eyes more frequently than usual, has unusual neck spasms, paralysis of his right tricep, and back pain that occurs in his entire back from a rare movement disorder called dystonia.moreless
    • When the Body Shuts Down
      Ever since she was born, young Kylie Monica's parents knew there is something wrong with her. Kylie has low birth weight, a cleft palate, a deformed thumb, and breathing difficulties from diamond blackfan anemia. Seventeen-year-old star athlete Michael Iniguez suddenly develops a sore, swollen throat, spiking fevers, chills, night sweats, and swollen feet. Soon, his kidneys begin to fail, and he goes into septic shock. All of Michael's symptoms turn out to be caused by a rare, life-threatening bacterial disease called Lemierre's Disease.moreless
    • Dangerous Growths
      Since her late teens, Tanya Angus has had a headache; a crackling sound in her head; an usual growth spurt; pain in her hands, feet, and back; and even an enlargement of her face. Doctors think she's just one of those young women who grow taller after their teens, but it turns out that actually, Tanya has a tumor on her pituitary gland from a rare disorder called acromegaly. Since he was a toddler, Kody Burns has been coughing and having difficulties breathing. He appears to have asthma that went away when he was twelve, but when he begins to cough up blood and strange white tissue at the age of sixteen, it turns out that he actually has a rare disease called recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP).moreless
    • Trapped Inside Their Bodies
      Ever since he was seven years old, Matt Horick has been dealing with strange symptoms relating to his skeletal system. He has had abnormal-looking toes, pain in his hips that appeared to have been caused by hip displasia, pain in his legs, and a strange lump on his back due to a rare disease called fibrodyplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP). A two-year-old girl named Haven Fowler gains weight at an alarming rate, has hallucinations at night, eats while sleepwalking, goes into a seizure, and temporarily stops breathing from ROHHAD syndrome, a rare diseases that affects the brain.moreless
    • Fight to the Last Breath
      An older woman named Liana suffers from excruciating pain in her sinuses and blindness in her left eye. A mass in her sinuses appear to be a malignant tumor, but when Liana blows some strange-looking tissue out of her nose, it turns out she actually has a fungal infection called aspergillosis. A young single mother named Robin deals with breathing difficulties, coughing, fatigue, and body aches from a rare inflammatory disease called Churg Strauss Syndrome, which causes her to lose her job and home.moreless
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