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  • Help Please

    I've been suffering for about 10 months now with very bad itching all over my body i get scabs in my head and flaky skin from my head to my toes when i get wet my skin peals off and,or rolls off in little rolls like when you rub your hands together when they are dirty but its skin and lots of it my mind is going i cant remember things and i cant function because i have no energy I've become homeless because of it and my family thinks I'm just lazy my skin looks fine when I'm dry so people don't believe me ill just itch but when i get wet that's when it get so bad i cant take it I'm to the point i wanna just kill myself please help ive done everything to taking vinegar baths and using lotions and gone to so many doctors that say its just dry skin please help me

    We have not met Dr. Oraede but have heard of his excellent work on people's life. We contacted Dr. Oraede and he started his work on her life and right now my wife is cured. she was diagnosed with Herpes and after taking Dr. Oraede Herbal medicine she was cured. You can reach him on or
  • Malignant hypertension followed by severe hypotension, horrible headache, and heat intolerance.

    This has been gooiing for a year without having a diagnosis. They are currently looking for a pheochromocytoma or paraganglioma. Lease hep me. My family needs me.
  • Mystery Diagnoses? I think So!

  • symptoms but no diagnosis

    I have had several symptoms over the years and no one can tell me why I am getting them. I have had bad hot flashes since age 31, and I have been checked and I am not pre-menopausal. I even got to a bio-identical doctor who checked my hormone levels and said it is all ok. He pre-scribed me some progesterone, and bio-identical thyroid, but that doesn't seem to help at all. I also have a very weak immune system. I come down with something every 6 weeks. Right now I have a bad cold and a sore throat for the last 10 days. I have been check for immune disorders and they all come back normal. For the past year when my immune sytem is down and I am very sick for the first few days, it feels like stabbing pains deep in my bones, and it can be any where on my body, and Advil and tylenol don't help with the pain. I have tried so many different doctors, naturalpaths, specialist, accupuncture, bio-identical doctor, chinese medicine ect and nothing seems to help with these hot flashes. I also feel more tired lately, more then usual. I don't know anyone who is as sick as often as I am. I have 3 children and they don't even get sick like I do. Does anyone have any of these symptoms, or any ideas of what this could be? thanks any help is greatly appreciated.
  • I suffered from 16 to 23, & diagnosed with wind, IBS, had a nephrectomy, & diagnosed with Munchhausens. 2 years later (12 years ago) I had my Gall Bladder removed and I've been fine since. Trust your instincts, even if your test results are clear.

    The hardest thing about being ill is looking fine and no-one believing you. At 16 my mother called a doctor out at 2am, she told her it was trapped wind. My mother's words were 'You just need a fart, how embarrassing'. I never went to a doctor again till I was 23, despite suffering every 7 months with the same symptoms. At 23 the pain was so severe, I had to go to A and E. They thought it was IBS and sent me back to my GP, who sent me to Gall Bladder specialist. He asked me to check for hereditary issues, and I learnt that day my grandmother had her Gall Bladder removed in her 20's. My Gall Bladder tests were clear, including ultra sounds, blood tests and X-rays – nothing there! So my GP's didn't believe the specialist and sent me for another ultra sound. This time they discovered that I had a scarring on my right kidney from childhood reflux, and it only functioned at 24%. I was never sent back to the Gall Bladder specialist because the focus shifted to my right kidney. When my nephrectomy was booked, my new GP cancelled the operation writing to my surgeon to advice him that he believed it was Munchhausens.

    I was devastated, I had to go through another 6 months of suffering until the kidney surgeon agreed for a 2nd time, to remove my kidney. At this stage I was suffering chronic pain every few weeks, it was like clockwork. The pain would start late afternoon, by early evening only morphine would help relieve the pain, and by morning I just felt like I'd been kicked in the ribs. The problem with the UK medical system is that they do an ultrasound 6 weeks after you are admitted to A and E, and bet your life that day you feel great that day and they find nothing!

    A week after having my kidney removed I was back in pain, the next day I had a follow up appointment with the surgeon, so I begged him to do an ultrasound, because I still felt tender from the episode the day before. They found nothing! The surgeon told me it's like an amputated arm and my body believed the problem was still there and recommended I attend a pain clinic! I knew the pain was not in my mind, but my GP believed I had Munchausen's and my kidney surgeon couldn't help me anymore. I had a bottle of morphine that had been subscribed that week, and I lived off that small bottle for the next 18 months. Carefully rationing it every time I suffered an episode so I didn't have to go back to the doctor, or the hospital. 18 months later during a holiday in the USA, an episode of pain started at lunchtime, around 4 hours earlier than normal and I knew I had a bad attack coming that even my rationed morphine (which went everywhere with me) wouldn't help. At 8pm my partner dragged me to the hospital and told the doctors about my history. They did a CT scan, and I finally had an accurate diagnosis. I thought I'd had every scan and X-ray type possible in the UK, but I'd never had a CT scan. This revealed fluid around my Gall Bladder, I didn't have Gall Stones, I had Gall slush because my Gall Bladder only functioned at 16%, it was inflamed and green in colour. The USA surgeon removed my Gall Bladder immediately and I never suffered another day of pain!

    The frustrating thing was despite having clear blood tests and no Gall Stones, there were lots of systems that should have rang the alarms bells for doctors years earlier. I suffered with pancreatitis for 5 days just 1 week before they removed my Kidney, which should have been diagnosed as reflux of the Gall Bladder, my pain was localised to the Gall Bladder area and it can be a hereditary condition. I also suffered from a child with worms , and this stopped the day my Gall Bladder was removed. Does anyone know if this condition is connected, I have never found out?

    I just hope the doctors learn from these experiences, and other patients don't suffer unnecessary from lack of knowledge and experience of individual GP's and Surgeons.
  • Those dumb doctors xD

    I am 13 and I want to become a doctor. I already know a lot of medical stuff. Those doctors are SO stupid. A lot of the times I figure out the diagnosis like right when the show starts. Doctors can be so stupid sometimes. It kind of pisses me off. But overall this show is down-right hilarious. I love this show. It's horrible to watch people suffering from diseases like that but overall I totally love this show! It is so great. Very interesting. This is one of my favorites. I can't think of a show that's better than this!
  • After 2 years my son was finally dx with liver cancer.

    This show gave me the confidence to pursue answers to my son's constant infections and illnesses. For over 2 years, my little boys was dx with various infections-strep throat, tonsilitis, ear infections, upper respiratory infections, etc. Finally in February 2009, we were told by one doctor that "sometimes kids just get fevers for no reason" after our six year old had suffered from non-stop fevers for more than 4 weeks, we took him to our local Children's Hospital where he was subsequently dx with Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer in his liver. We were later told if we had waited any longer our son would not have survived. 8 rounds of chemotherapy and liver tranplsnt saved our son's life.
  • This is an excellent show to educate the public about taking care of their own health. The common denominator in every case is the willpower and strength each person demonstrates to never give up on finding the right diagnosis and treatment.

    I give the show 8/10 for educational purposes, 9/10 for medical feedback, and 10/10 for all the patients who have never given up their pursuit of good health. If you have never gone through what these patients have which is frustration, pain, fear and near death watch this show. It can save your life! Lack of a proper diagnosis happens every day to thousands of people. Why? Because of TIME AND MONEY. The doctors you visit give approximately 10-15 minutes for appts. The medical system doesn't want to pay for expensive tests. The words "We can't find anything wrong with you" cause another injury to the patient. Depression! So on top of your illness, you now face depression and/or anxiety attacks. On top of that is ridicule and negative feedback from family and work. If the medical system doesn't help you, this show can because I promise you there will be one case you will jump out of your couch and say "That's Me."
  • Mystery Diagnosis is an informative and interesting show. I have personally learned so much about medical mysteries just by watching. It also gives hope and knowledge to the person in search of a diagnosis.

    This show has become an obsession for me. I am currently suffering from an undiagnosed health problem, and am searching for answers. Mystery Diagnosis is wealth of information that may help save a person years of misery as well as save a life. I look forward to watching Mystery Diagnosis every day. My DVR is always recording episodes! As I search for a diagnosis of my own, and keep hearing those suffocating words, "All your tests came back NORMAL", I feel like maybe I'm crazy and maybe I'll die before anyone can figure out what's wrong with me. When I get down and depressed, I try to remember the stories of this show. There's one phrase that many of the people who have received a dignosis use, and it is what I try to remember to lift me up and push me forward to find help, "You have to be an advocate for your own health. Never give up, just keep on going forward until you get the right dignosis." I only wish there was a new episode every single day! I love it!
  • doctors dramatize simple diseases to make them seem mysterious,

    This program is very funny to me. People get all emotional about mystery diseases that I always figure out before the second set of commercials. Either I am brilliant(I'm Not)or these diseases are not all that mysterious. I do like amazing my daughter, who is beginning to amaze me because the last 3 diseases she came up with the answer about five minutes after I did. It is interestingto watch however i wonder what those doctors were doing in medical school that they couldn't come up with a diagnosis. I think it points up the value of staying with a doctor long enough to get some kind of answer before running off to the next one. Many of these people would have been diagnosed faster without doctor shopping.
  • A good Show If Your into the whole Doctor Stuff

    This is a Good Show If Your into the whole doctor stuff or want to be one. It Shows How different Problems With the human Body Can Effect and Maybe Change these people's Lives. Its Informative and smart and its Just what Discovery Health needed. I've only seen the show once and that was with my brother (He wants to be a doctor) But still the show gives a problem and Sultion to that problem, the doctors show u from a personaly veiw about the problem and how they can fix it. I suggest this show to you and i think you should some time watch it
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