Mystery Diagnosis - Season 4

Monday 10:00 PM on Discovery Health Premiered Oct 11, 2005 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 4 Finale: The Girl Who Gagged
  • Parents Pressing for Answers
  • The Woman With A Knife in Her Head
  • The Woman Who Couldn't Cry
  • The Girl Nobody Believed
  • The Purple Puzzle
    The Purple Puzzle
    Episode 5
    After Katelyn Wells has been born, she develops a set of strange symptoms. She has smelly stool, is lethargic, has stunted growth, and even develops hydrocephalus. Eventually, a doctor finds out that Katelyn has a rare congenital disorder called Shwachman-Diamond syndrome (SDS), which prevents her body from absorbing nutrients properly. Bruce Kemlitz has been a healthy, active biology teacher, when suddenly, he has pain in his ears and his face is purple. Soon, this pain and discoloration spreads to his feet, and he turns purple in cool temperatures. Also, his spleen becomes enlarged. When Bruce informs a doctor about the time he adopted a feral dog in Ethiopia, he finds out that he has cold agglutinin disease and lymphoma caused by a calcified cyst from a tapeworm infection.moreless
  • The Woman Who Kept Falling Down
  • Donor Disaster
    Donor Disaster
    Episode 4
    Rachel joyfully learns she is pregnant; then she begins to experience stomach pains and excruciating headaches. Jennifer experiences inflammation in her eyes, then develops pain and stiffness in her elbow, knees and thumbs.
  • A Case of Paralysis
  • The Woman Who Craved Pickles
    Since Christian Byrne has been born, he has been dealing with vomiting and constipation. At first, the problem seems very minor, but when he is two-and-a-half years old, his parents realize it's more serious than it appears to be and eventually find out that his stomach and part of his large intestine are lodged in his chest from a birth defect called a diaphragmatic hernia. Pat Stopka develops a dark complexion, cramps in her legs, mood swings, salt cravings, and fatigue. At first, her symptoms appear to be unrelated to each other, but actually, all of them are due to a hormonal disorder called Addison's disease.moreless
  • Bizarre Visions
    Episode 2
    Jane Strauss has been a healthy mother of two working at a bakery, until she begins to suffer from diarrhea. At first, the chronic diarrhea appears to be irritable bowel syndrome, but soon, she also suffers from numbness and tingling in her hands and feet, vision problems, and loss of balance. It turns out that Jane is suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency called pernicious anemia. LaShan Davis has been having an easy pregnancy until her last trimester, when she begins to have colds and night sweats. After she gives to her daughter, LaShan also becomes fatigued and weak. She experiences spiking fevers, breathing problems, and swelling of her hands and feet. All these symptoms are due to an autoimmune disease called polymyositis.moreless
  • The Girl Who Couldn't Eat
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